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Leading gaming company Wemade will be present at GDC, in San Francisco, March 20-24, 2023 (booth S527) as the Diamond Sponsor of the event. Throughout the entire duration of the conference, the company will be holding open sessions on hot topics in the blockchain gaming space. Attendees can expect insights and solid data on the following:

  • The Future of Gaming: inter-game Play and Beyond
  • Lessons learned after launching 25+ Web3 Games
  • Transformation of Games into Blockchain Games
  • Fan Token – a joint blockchain economy built by creators and fans
  • Panel discussion on launching your own blockchain game on Wemade’s platform WEMIX PLAY.

During The Future of Gaming: inter-game Play and Beyond, Wemade’s CEO Henry Chang will be taking attendees through the ways in which the inter-game economy and playing will continue to bloom in the next few years. The talk will offer insight into the future of gaming and how blockchain technology is expanding the in-game economies beyond the limits of their games and how individual games are now connected through tokenomics to form a mega-ecosystem.

Lessons Learned after Launching 25+ Web3 Games presented by Wonil Suh, EVP at Wemade, will focus on lessons learned and sharing insight on tokenomics and information on Web3 games. Having launched over 25 Web3 games in the last year, each with its own unique token and tokenomics, Wemade is excited to share the experience, including successful and failed tokenomic designs.

Robin Seo, Head of Business Creative Centre at Wemade, will be shedding light on how games can easily be transformed into blockchain games in just four simple steps, through the company’s platform WEMIX PLAY, during the Transformation of Games into Blockchain Games session. Attendees will have an opportunity to discover how this transformation can revolutionise gamers’ experience, as the session will break down each process of the transformation and show the benefits generated by this. WEMIX PLAY is the world’s largest blockchain gaming ecosystem, where any game regardless of genre or platform can easily become a blockchain game through the company’s “Four Module System”: Tokenomic, GameFi, Marketplace and Community.

Fan Token, a Joint Blockchain Economy Built by Creators and Fans hosted by the world-renowned Myrtle Abigail Sarrosa – actress, cosplayer, host, singer, songwriter and gamer – will be all about how to move from the traditional method of expressing loyalty through donations as a form of engagement between content creators and their fans into a new form of a joint digital economy. This allows creators and fans to grow together through tokenomics, breaking away from the linear fan-creator engagement experience into a dynamic economy driven by collective effort. This session will unveil how creators and fans could use their digital currency to expand the boundaries of community engagement and activities.

[Panel Discussion] Transformation 101: Launching Your Own Blockchain Game on WEMIX PLAY featuring Wonil Suh, Robin Seo and Wook Kim, SVP, Wemade USA will focus on the process of transforming games into blockchain games on WEMIX PLAY. The WEMIX team will cover each of the steps required in blockchain game transformation. Attendees can engage with the WEMIX team by asking questions to learn more about this process and understand the potential of launching their own blockchain game through the platform.