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According to the evaluation of the experts, Philippines will witness exponential growth in the eGames industry over the next few years.

The veterans at the ASEAN Gaming Summit confirmed that eGames expansion is likely to be seen in the floor space and not in venue numbers. And that the eGames industry holds the potential to grow by leap and bounds in the upcoming years.

Dennis Valdes, the CEO of PhilWeb’s, a Philippine internet company involved in the gaming industry estimated that there are currently about 300 eBingo sites around the nation and  200 eCasinos. As PAGCOR only regulates the number of sites and not each entity’s size, they could be adding seats to existing locations promptly.

With regard to this Chris Tio, the Vice-President of DFNN, said that PAGCOR’s own view of the industry is likely enhanced by the substantial revenues it brings to government coffers, providing much-needed funds for national development.

Furthermore, Ron Arambulo, the Director of Hatch Asia, assessed that the opening of full-scale IRs in the Philippines is forcing the local eGaming operators to enhance the quality of their offerings, making the experience more comfortable and inviting for the patrons. These improvements must be achieved, however, on a modest budget, he added.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events