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Utomik, the unlimited play PC gaming subscription, officially launched yesterday. This follows their initial open beta launch in March of 2016.

They have grown from an independent startup with no industry support to having a library of over 750+ gamesand 100+ publishing partners in a little over 2 years. That support includes Warner Bros. GamesDisneySEGATHQ NordicEpic GamesCurve DigitalIO Interactive and many more. This is more than any other subscription gaming platform out there and it is just the beginning.

Founded in 2014 by a small team of dedicated Dutch gamers, Utomik is a pioneering startup based in The Netherlands and California with offices in Eindhoven and Los Angeles. It was one of the first subscription-based gaming platforms to hit the market. We are proud to be an integral part in bringing the Netflix and Spotify model to the world of video games.

As they have now officially launched, users get unlimited access to play over 750+ games for $6.99 USD a monthor $9.99 USD a month for a four-person Family Plan. The launch will also include a new and improved client design.

Users that subscribed before their announcement on December 19th of last year will keep the open beta price of $5.99 USD for as long as they stay subscribed. People that signed up between December 19th and today will keep the open beta price for another twelve months.

Recent additions to their service include the Batman: Arkham series, Saints Row IV, Human: Fall Flat, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, The Flame in the Flood, Furi and many more. With weekly new releases and 20+ games added a month, they ensure the selection remains fresh. They were the first subscription service to bring Day One releases to their platform, like Yono and the Celestial Elephants and Newt One, and subscribers can expect even more in the future.

Noticed they snuck in IO Interactive when they mentioned some of their current partners earlier? They are extremely happy to announce that they recently partnered with IO Interactive to bring titles from the Hitman series to Utomik. The ink is still drying, but you can expect the first games to go live this summer.

Utomik’s smart download technology ensures you play games instantly with the click of a button. Instead of streaming games from a server, Utomik users download a small part to their own PC. The rest downloads to your PC while you play. This technology has continued to improve greatly over the years, ensuring the fastest and best possible gaming experience.

Utomik wants to thank everyone who has supported them over the years and helped them get to this point. Those interested in signing up or starting a free 14-day trial can head to their website.


About Utomik 
Utomik Inc. is a USA and Dutch-based innovative startup founded in September 2014 by a highly experienced management team with over 70 years of combined game industry experience. The company’s new online PC gaming subscription service offers unlimited gaming for a fixed monthly fee. Its unique technology makes playing games as easy as listening to music on Spotify.

Utomik-powered games start in one easy click and continue to load to a user’s PC while they play. Utomik downloads a small part to the hard disk, enough to start playing fast. The rest loads to the PC while playing. Get 100% original games, no video streaming.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events