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The battle between internet marketers and search-engine giants like Google will never stop.

In 2021 Google announced its 2021 Google Maps and Google Business Profile spam fighting efforts had more than 100 million Business Profile edits and protected over 100 thousand businesses from suspicious activity and abuse attempts.

The latest easy target for gambling industry spammers is Google Maps.

Research by American casino guide USA-Casino .com has identified numerous instances of U.S states where online gambling is illegal and where Google Maps displays fraudulent listings in top positions for casino-related queries – leading consumers to potentially unsafe gambling websites – including Alaska, Utah and Georgia.

Unregulated & illegal casinos are a risky proposition for consumers – and should generally be avoided for numerous reasons, including:

  • Lack of Consumer protections
  • Outrageous fees on cash-outs
  • No guarantees of payouts
  • No guarantees that games are legal, safe and fair
  • Not contributing taxes to the US economy
  • Little or no protections for problem gamblers

Google has claimed in the past that < 1% of all the content that is viewed on Maps was fraudulent or abusive.