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Trinity Gaming, an India-based gaming talent management company, is poised for high growth, as an increasing number of established brands are looking to project young gamers as their influencers who can connect with the new generation customers.

Top PC and laptop technology companies such as ASUS, HyperX, MSI, and AMD Ryzen have already employed young and popular gamers for this purpose. It is quite natural too, as most millennial computer buyers in India will also consider the gaming potential of the device. However, the recent trend is that even the companies that do not have much link to gaming are also looking for popular young gamers as their brand ambassadors.

The reason could be the loyal and rising young fan base of the gamers. Companies instantly want to connect with the so-called Generation Y customers.

This could lead to a tricky situation, as the gamers themselves are young and often unaccustomed to the ways of contract management and business deals. That is where Trinity Gaming steps up with proper mentoring and promotion.

Trinity Gaming functions as intermediary between brands and popular gamers. The talent management company tries to enhance the image of both the gamer and the brand. The company has already collaborated with a top brands in India such as the media houses like India Today Group and  Network 18 as well as global brands such as ASUS, Oneplus, and Red Bull.