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It is anticipated that the Diet would accede the Integrated Resorts (IR) in Japan over the next few months, and Tomakomai authorities are eagerly waiting for the materialisation of the same.  The municipal authorities disclosed their interim report results for their IR project and an investment between €1.6-2.4 billion is anticipated by the time the development doors open.

With regard to a request for information last year, the estimated amount was reached through calculations and feedback received from IR operators.  The report also disclosed that the IR will draw in between 6-11 million visitors per year and produce total annual sales in the range between €976 million-€1.2 billion. As per the interim report the forested Uenae area, close to the New Chitose Airport, has been selected as the candidate site, on the basis of the feedback from operators. Moreover, the IR will create between 5,000-10,000 new jobs in the municipal area, which would be a boost of over 10 percent to the current employment rate in the area, according to the city authorities.

To top this up transportation infrastructure will also be developed once the IR receives the go-ahead nod, as an electric shuttle bus service will operate between the airport and the venue. Apart from this the development of a new highway or access road from the East Tomakomai Interchange is also expected.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events