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Together Gaming Solutions, the Malta-based B2B gambling company, has partnered with Saġġar, a campaign that aims to rehabilitate the Maltese islands by planting one million trees and shrubs.

“As a local listed entity in Malta, and a subsidiary of an iGaming Group operating in Malta for the past 5 years we care a great deal about the island and our responsibility towards the community of Malta. By supporting the planting of trees, we help improve the environment and health of this island’s community,” Benjamin Delsinger, Managing Director of Together Gaming Solutions, said.

Erik Skarp, Together Gaming Solutions CEO and Benjamin Delsinger got together with the founder of Act, Claude Ebejer, at the beginning of March to consolidate the agreement to make Malta’s future greener. A cheque of €5000 which will partially cover the costs of the project over the coming years was handed over to ACT who together with the QLZH Foundation are collaborating together on this project.

“Firstly, we’d like to thank Together Gaming Solutions for their generous contribution. From the very first moment, when we dreamt of Saġġar, we always felt the desire to involve as many people as possible. We wanted this to be a journey that other organisations would join. At this crucial part of our project, the involvement of Together Gaming Solutions, through their financial contribution, gives Saġġar the needed push to make Malta greener and healthier. We are honoured to collaborate with companies such as Together Gaming Solutions that put the wellbeing of society, through the rejuvenation of the environment, at the top of their priority,” Steve Mercieca, Co-Founder of the QLZH Foundation, said.