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From October 1st – 3rd The Machines Arena’s first tournament will be broadcast live on Twitch through official streaming partner FACEIT TV. James Bardolph, Tómas izedi Jóhannsson, and Kristján Einar share casting duties while 16 teams including Alliance and eRaEternity go head-to-head for $10,000 in prize money, some brand-new silverware, and the chance to go down in esports history as the first ever winners of the TMA Championships.

What is The Machines Arena?

A 4v4 hero shooter in the alpha stage of development, focused on short, explosive matches, social teamplay, and frantic combat. Competitors will choose from 6 heroes spread across 3 distinct roles: Tank, Support and Assault. So, whether soaking up damage in close combat with a Tank like Pyro, delivering AOE healing whilst slipping in long range skill shots with a support like Tesla, or putting lead down range and dropping orbital strikes in assault with Zulu – teams will have to coordinate flawlessly and make every second count to win.

Who is Competing?
●        354

●        Alliance

●        BDS

●        Copenhagen Flames

●        Dusty

●        Elevate

●        eRaEternity

●        K1CK

●        MNM Gaming

●        Lazarus

●        Qlash

●        Sangal

●        SuperMassive Blaze

●        Team EndPoint

●        Team Singularity

●        Final Team TBC


Where is it?

Iceland, a small island with giant ambitions to become a top esports destination by 2025 – a goal it’s already well on the way to achieving. Spearheaded by the Icelandic Esports Association (RÍSÍ), the land of fire and ice has hosted a series of S-tier events this year including League of Legends’ Mid-Season Invitational. The TMA Championship 2021 provides an explosive start to Iceland’s autumn esports calendar, before Worlds 2021 kicks off in Reykjavik a few days later.