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TIGA reveals shortlist for UK Games Education Awards 2023



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TIGA, the trade association representing the UK’s video games industry, has revealed the shortlist for the TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2023.

These awards recognise outstanding students, education providers and best practice.

The winners of the 12 categories will be announced in a virtual ceremony on Friday September 29th 2023, together with the winner of a special award that will be revealed during the programme.

Creative Assembly, the studio behind the Total War series and new FPS title Hyenas, is the headline sponsor of the TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2023. As a multi-award winner for their education work, Creative Assembly utilises the skills and passions of 850 employees to provide industry outreach to students across the globe.

The Awards are further supported by: Gold sponsor Sumo Group, the award winning international family of game development studios; and Bronze sponsor, Lockwood Publishing.

Dr Richard Wilson OBE, TIGA CEO, said: “The TIGA Education Awards shortlist highlights leaders in games education: outstanding students, excellent providers and good practice in education. Thank you to Creative Assembly, our headline sponsor, Sumo Group, our Gold Sponsor and Lockwood Publishing, our Bronze Sponsor, for supporting excellence in skills and learning, and for making the TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2023 possible. We look forward to revealing the crème de la crème when we announce the winners of the Awards on September 29th.”

Sophie Bryan, Head of HR, Creative Assembly, said: “We are pleased to sponsor yet another year of the TIGA UK Games Education Awards and to present the Creative Assembly Best Student Game Award. It is an opportunity to support and promote excellence in games education which is a priority for our Legacy Project education outreach work. Each year, through the awards, we see an incredible calibre of students and educational practice and this year is no different; congratulations to all shortlisted.”

Christina Haralambous, Group Director of Communications & Marketing, Sumo Group, said: “Sumo Group is delighted to be sponsoring the TIGA UK Games Education Awards for 2023. Nurturing, supporting and celebrating future talent, and those that help educate that talent, is important to continue to move our industry forward. Congratulations to all those on the shortlist for these prestigious awards.”

Halli Bjornsson, CEO of Lockwood Publishing, said: “The TIGA Games Education Awards recognise achievements and spur further progress in education and skills. Congratulations to all of our finalists and I look forward to seeing the winners.”

TIGA’s charity partner for the Games Education Awards 2023 is The Passage. The Passage’s vision is of a society where street homelessness no longer exists and where everyone has a place to call home.  Founded in 1980, The Passage provides practical support and a wide range of services to help transform the lives of people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing homelessness.  Guided by their Vincentian values, The Passage offers their clients resources and solutions to prevent or end their homelessness for good. The charity runs a modern Resource Centre in London, helping people to find routes to employment, benefits and stable accommodation; four residential projects, outreach and health services and homelessness prevention schemes.



  1. Abertay University: Daniel Tolland
  2. Birmingham City University: Joseph Gordon
  3. Norwich University of the Arts: George Kee
  4. Norwich University of the Arts: Salene Tarling
  5. Staffordshire University: Megan-Louise Morris
  6. Staffordshire University: Aaron Burnhope
  7. University of Gloucestershire: Sam Carrier
  8. University of Hertfordshire: Maxine Lugg
  9. University of Hertfordshire: Diana Karakushyan
  10. University of Portsmouth: Victoria Primmer


  1. Birmingham City University: Zih-Syuan Yang
  2. Norwich University of the Arts: Rhys Anthony
  3. Staffordshire University: Felype Goncalves Fernandes
  4. University of Portsmouth: Antti Liakka 


  1. Abertay University: Rhys Duff
  2. Abertay University: Justin Syfrig
  3. Birmingham City University: Nadia Nadeem
  4. Bournemouth University: Annie Holliday
  5. Staffordshire University: Davide Pelino
  6. Staffordshire University: Conner Pittaway
  7. University of Portsmouth: Siddhesh Swamy
  8. University of Portsmouth: Victoria Primmer
  9. University of the West of England: William Whitehouse
  10. University of the West of England: Zac Collins


  1. Abertay University: Dominik Gawron
  2. Brunel University: Rui Silva
  3. Bournemouth University: Archie McGrath
  4. Bournemouth University: Ethan Shellard
  5. City, University of London: Ayotunde Norman-Williams
  6. Norwich University of the Arts: Szymon Garczynski
  7. Staffordshire University:  Jade Staines
  8. Staffordshire University: Olivia Cross
  9. Staffordshire University: Tyler Timlin
  10. University of Portsmouth: Liam Peachey


  1. Abertay University: Bridget Casey
  2. Birmingham City University: Ryan Westwood
  3. Bournemouth University: Ethan Shellard
  4. Sheffield Hallam University: Chae Taylor
  5. Sheffield Hallam University: Benjamin Kimberley
  6. Staffordshire University: Arnav Mehta
  7. University of Gloucestershire: Pheobe Pudge
  8. University of the West of England: William Whitehouse
  9. University of Portsmouth: Kian Bennett
  10. University of Portsmouth: Ethan Crooks


  1. Abertay University: Lyes Oussaiden
  2. Bournemouth University: Anita Oyebola
  3. Bournemouth University: Dario Splendido
  4. Bournemouth University: Giorgos Karambasis-Rodriguez
  5. University of Hertfordshire: Zuzana Remenarova
  6. University of Hertfordshire: Darina Koycheva
  7. University of Portsmouth: Joshua Hammond
  8. University of Portsmouth: Zane Oliver
  9. University of Portsmouth: Patrick Rotzetter


  1. Sheffield Hallam University: Benjamin Kimberley
  2. Sheffield Hallam University: Chae Taylor
  3. Staffordshire University: Jamie Linnell
  4. University of Hertfordshire: Muthuramalingam Ponnilavan
  5. University of Hertfordshire: Reshu Shrestha
  6. University of Hertfordshire: Safwan Sadik
  7. University of Portsmouth: Adam Jerrett


  1. London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London
  2. University of Greenwich
  3. University of Hertfordshire
  4. University of Portsmouth


  1. Abertay University
  2. Birmingham City University
  3. Staffordshire University
  4. University of Hertfordshire
  5. University of Portsmouth 


  1. Abertay University
  2. Birmingham City University
  3. University of Hertfordshire
  4. University of Portsmouth


  1. Abertay University
  2. Birmingham City University
  3. Bournemouth University
  4. EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI)
  5. Sheffield Hallam
  6. Staffordshire University
  7. University of Greenwich


  1. Abertay University: Slipways
  2. Birmingham City University: Checkmate Evolution
  3. Bournemouth University: Rum Runner’s Revenge
  4. City, University of London: WAFFLE
  5. London College of Communication, University of the Arts London: Letter Wars
  6. Norwich University of the Arts: Dog Walking Simulator
  7. Sheffield Hallam University: Death Rebuke
  8. Staffordshire University: Prepare to Dine
  9. University of Gloucestershire: Burger Zombies
  10. University of Greenwich: Void Edge
  11. University of Hertfordshire: My Shadow
  12. University of Portsmouth: Malltopia
  13. University of the West of Scotland: Project Retro Museum

TIGA has also today unveiled its Graduates of the Year, listing 89 outstanding graduates and post-graduates in games. 


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Anna Vikmane

FAVBET partners with BETER Live in major boost to its live casino offering





BETER Live’s suite of premium games is now available to all of FAVBET’s users in Ukraine, Croatia, and Romania

Ukraine’s leading iGaming operator FAVBET and BETER Live, the live casino division of the betting content and data provider BETER, has announced a long-term partnership to expand FAVBET’s live casino experience.

From now on, BETER Live will provide FAVBET with a portfolio of authentic and interactive live casino titles in markets across its 3 markets of operation. This includes more than 20+ games and variations covering Roulette, Blackjack, Gravity Blackjack, Gravity Roulette and Ukrainian Roulette.

Game presenters have been trained to the highest possible standards and also know how to provide an engaging player experience, chatting with players throughout their time at the table.

FAVBET has recently launched a UA Roulette table, powered by BETER Live, which has been tailored to meet the specific preferences of Ukrainian players. The new localised game has already found a response among players, showing a near 40% higher conversion rate and 4x more organic traffic compared to the provider’s regular roulette.

“Being a trailblazer in the Ukrainian online casino scene, FAVBET is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage our players while offering them the best possible experience. We are happy to have added BETER Live’s games to our portfolio and be able to provide a fully localised experience to our players and stand out from competition. We now look forward to working closely with BETER Live to continue to enhance our live casino offering and have many great products and updates in the pipeline,” commented FAVBET.

Anna Vikmane, Director of BETER Live, said: “We are delighted to share the news of another successful partnership between BETER Live and a leading operator, FAVBET. It is one of the most recognised brands in the Ukrainian market and one that players trust.  Localisation is key to FAVBET’s success, and we have been able to work with the operator to ensure our content delivers a localised player experience. Shortly after we launched our first games and FAVBET could see they were a big hit with its customers, we rolled out Ukrainian Roulette — the operator’s first step towards a dedicated offering for the market.” 

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Cryptocurrency and Online Gaming: Upsides and Downsides





At this moment in time, everyone and their dog must have heard about the power of Bitcoin. People turn to crypto for quicker and more private transactions. On the other hand, players turn to online gaming platforms for their easy accessibility.

Besides making waves individually, cryptocurrency and online gaming have crossed paths on many platforms. Consider a casino like ReelCrypto, with hundreds of thrilling games that allow players to transact using Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

This growing trend raises many questions. Why do some players prefer using cryptocurrency on online gaming sites? What are the upsides and what are the downsides?

Upsides of Crypto in Online Gaming

The integration of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in online gaming delivers several significant advantages. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Anonymity and Privacy

Whenever the discussion is about crypto, there’s always word about anonymity and privacy. These digital coins still bring this substantial advantage to online gaming platforms.

Unlike credit cards or bank accounts, cryptocurrency transactions do not require personal information. Players only need to provide a wallet address. This extra layer of privacy is invaluable to many. Some players prefer discreet gaming, and crypto gives them that luxury.

  • Lower Transaction Fees

Traditional payment methods usually demand fees that can eat into players’ gaming budgets. That’s not the case with cryptocurrencies, as these costs are significantly reduced. Most crypto transactions require a minimal network fee, making it a cost-effective option. Players can then spend more on what they enjoy, gaming, rather than losing money to transaction fees.

  • Speed and Ease of Transactions

One of the pain points online gamers face is waiting hours and sometimes days to withdraw funds. Bank transfers, for example, take multiple business days. Some e-wallets allow instant transactions, but it’s fiat, which can easily take hours. Cryptocurrencies eliminate this problem by allowing near-instant transactions. Whether players are funding their accounts or cashing out winnings, the process is quick and straightforward.

Downsides of Crypto in Online Gaming

The upsides of using cryptocurrency in online gaming are clear: greater privacy, lower costs, and faster transactions. Now, let’s consider the downsides below:

  • Regulatory Hurdles

The regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies is still evolving, which poses a challenge for online gaming platforms supporting digital currencies. Different jurisdictions have varied stances on the legality of using Bitcoin and other altcoins for gambling, among other activities. For this reason, many crypto online gaming platforms can’t operate on a global scale. Also, many players will be skeptical, not wanting to go against the law.

  • Fraud Prevention

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, and that allows for potential fraud or theft. For instance, a player can sign up on a fraudulent gaming platform, and if they send coins, they can’t get them back. That’s why ensuring playing at reputable and secure platforms is vital.

Bottom Line

Crypto has brought substantial improvements to how players transact on online gaming platforms. These benefits foster the increasing integration of cryptocurrency options in the online gaming industry. However, there are security issues to be resolved.

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