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2021 is a big year for video game nostalgia, with over 100 game franchises celebrating key milestones – with a key milestone being defined as a 20, 25, 30, or 35 year anniversary since the release.

Keen to explore the world’s relationship with video games, utilised SEMrush to find average monthly search volumes for retro games in every country*, and crown the most popular retro game in each country. Here are the UK results!

The Top 10 Favourite Retro Games in the United Kingdom:

Rank Game Average Monthly UK Search Volume
1. Pandemonium! 18,100
2. Super Mario 64 9,900
3. Dragon Quest 8,100
=4. Super Mario World
Duke Nukem
Streets of Rage
=5. Metroid
Pokémon Red
6. Battletoads 4,400
=7. Outrun
Bubble Bobble
Road Rash
=8. Neverwinter Nights
Metal Slug
9. Mario Kart 64 2,400
=10. F-Zero
Duke Nukem 3D
Rolling Thunder
1,900 can reveal that, in first place, is Pandemonium!, with a UK monthly average search volume of 18,100.

In second place is Super Mario 64, with an average of 9,900 monthly searches in the UK. Released in 1996, it quickly became the Nintendo 64’s best-selling video game with almost 12 million copies sold.

Third place goes to Dragon Quest, with a monthly average search volume of 8,100 in the UK.

Rounding off the top 10, in joint eighth place, are Neverwinter Nights and Metal Slug, both with UK average monthly searches of 2,900.

Mario Kart 64 ranks ninth, with 2,400 monthly searches. Mario Kart 64 is the second racing kart game in the Super Mario franchise.

Finally, tying in 10th place, are the games F-Zero, Duke Nukem 3D, and Rolling Thunder – all with an average monthly search volume of 1,900 in the UK.