Romanian tennis player Alexandru Daniel Carpen was recently suspended for life, regarding allegations of fraud, by rigging the gameplay of a match.

Even though the match took place in 2013, and Alexandru’s fixed match allegation came up in 2015, only now in 2017 we find out the cost of this mistake. The commission that was judging his case took their time in order to find the proper solution to this case.

But even though, Alexandru stated that :

 “The decision doesn’t seem fair to me, and I’m seriously thinking of legally challenging it. It’s a huge shock. I haven’t sold, bought or fixed any game. I never won a penny from these matches. I contacted another player to ask him how and when.. That’s where it all started and that’s where all my implications ended.”

To be noted though, Alexandru has already recognized the accusations brought to him, in 2015.

In that year, Alexandru was on the 274th place at double tennis, in Sibiu. But even though this has happened, and he is the first Romanian to ever appear on a “betting mafia” support list, he is also the last, when it comes to other names of players, referees or organizers that have ever attempted to fix a match.

It was a very interesting method. Players need points, in order to access bigger tournaments with bigger prizes. So, for a sum of money, a player can “let himself be defeated” and everyone wins. The winner gets points, and the looser gets money.


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