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Sweden and Denmark have become the epicentres of eSports. The countries have the highest concentration of professional eSports players in the world. And the gamers up north are among the most devoted ones who are ever ready to splurge in.

According to a new report by Paypal and analyst company, Superdata, Sweden and Denmark are the second and third biggest eSports markets in Europe, topped by Russia.  The report points out that the Swedish market amounts to $31 million. Danes’ consumption of eSport is estimated to be $22 million.

Finland is not far behind, placing 7th in the ranking with a total consumption of $14 million. Norway is ranked tenth with $8 million. The numbers can be compared to the biggest market (Russia) which is estimated to be $38 million.

The figures are based on tickets and products related to eSports, as well as sponsorship and brand profiling. Sales of computer and console games are taken out of the calculation.

While the European market is predicted to reach its peak in 2019, in terms of audience and players, the Swedish market will continue to grow fast, according to the report. It predicts that Swedes will spend a whopping 350 million Swedish krona ($42 million) on eSports by the end of next year.

As many as 20 percent of Swedes watch eSports through online-platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. It is four times the average among Europeans.



Source: European Gaming Media and Events