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SuzoHapp is participating in this year’s Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow which kicked off yesterday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This is SuzoHapp’s first time returning to the show since the beginning of the pandemic. This year, the company is highlighting its comprehensive suite of sports betting terminals.

Over the past year, SuzoHapp launched its complete sports betting ecosystem to help sports books make a seamless transition to the retail space.

With over 60 years of experience in the gaming, amusement and sports betting industries, SuzoHapp has been working to help ease the burden of hardware by offering a self-service ecosystem to support the entire life cycle of a bet.

The sports betting ecosystem is designed so that whether at the bar, behind the counter or on the sports book floor, customers can place their bets how they want, where they want, with minimal impact to operations.

“We’ve learned from sports betting in Europe that, in retail settings, over 70 percent of revenue comes from in-game bets,” said Todd Sims, vice president of sales America.

“As the Americas emerge as a new sports betting supercentre, we recognised that there was a need for terminals designed to not only facilitate those in-game bets but draw customers in to be excited about the experience.

“We designed our SBT-500 tabletop unit for those environments and along with the rest of our ecosystem, allow smaller operators to add sports betting to their offering with a minimal footprint and labour requirement and maximum return value.”