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Video gamers and content creators have embraced, making it one of the dominant forces in entertainment in 2021

So far this year 260 Billion minutes of video has been consumed on the platform, and 117,300 average concurrent streamers – the site has proven itself to the top site for gamers and streamers seeking fame, glory, and profit.

The platform has inevitably become popular gamblers like poker players and slots streamers – looking to build their audience while gambling & streaming their big wins and losses on Twitch.

Some of the most popular streamers in the slots and poker categories are partnered with the platform itself or with gambling operators, and affiliates like casino review sites.

A breakdown of February slots streaming data from Twitch by casino bonus information website reveals that two new streaming records were broken in the online slots category on Twitch in February, along with a number of other interesting findings.

Twitch – Slots Category Records Broken in February 2021

     February saw a new high with  a peak of 25,365 average slots viewers worldwide

     February saw a new high  of on average 175 slots channels were streaming slots

February 2021 – Twitch Slots Category – Key Trends


     Slots watched totaled: 17,019,922 hours

     Hours Broadcast in the slots category: 110,975 (up 4.7% from January 2021)

     Average Viewers of slots category: 25,261 (up 2.4% from January 2021)

     Average # of Slots Channels: 154 (up 4.8% from January)

     Maximum Concurrent Viewers: 72.877 (+11.1% from January 2021)

     Number of Slots Broadcasters: 4,896

     Top slots streamer of February: ROSHTEIN who streamed for a whopping 294 hours

February 2021 Top 10 Slots Streamers

The category continues to grow –  yesterday average viewers of Slots (47,725 peak viewers) represented 1% of all Twitch viewers worldwide.

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