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SportsGrid Network announced it will offer its comprehensive daily sports betting coverage via The Associated Press.

Content is now available on the AP Video Hub and Newsroom platforms, which provide online delivery of broadcast-quality video to the world’s leading digital publishers, news portals, and broadcasters.

The SportsGrid Network offers news publishers an innovative video content solution providing best-in-class daily sports betting and fantasy sports coverage. The daily reporting features real-time sports news, data, analytics, and statistics to engage sports audiences whenever and wherever with their connected devices. SportsGrid’s comprehensive coverage includes daily odds, lines, matchups, injury reports, statistics, news, and more across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college sports, golf, tennis, and soccer. The SportsGrid video content amplifies and compliments news publisher’s on-demand sports websites and apps creating pre-roll ads and sponsorship opportunities.

AP customers will have access to SportsGrid video content delivering pre-game odds, over/under, point-spread, moneylines with advanced data analytics, allowing them to connect advertisers with engaged sports audiences. The SportsGrid content serves as the sports betting solution to integrate publishers, sportsbooks, and the massive sports gaming audience unlocking an entirely incremental revenue stream.