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Spintec showcases its latest best-sellers and innovations at ICE 2023
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This year’s ICE event has attracted more than 35,000 visitors in its first instalment after the resolution of the pandemic-related challenges. With the full stack of the most important exhibitors and partners attending, ICE London has shown that it is indeed one of the most important gaming and gambling events in the world.

Spintec stand at this year’s ICE London gaming event has received an unprecedented amount of attention throughout the three-day event. This is not surprising, as they have shown some of their best and most interesting product upgrades, new hardware, and some new game features that they have developed in the time since they last exhibited at this event.

One of the most exciting novelties shown at the event is the option of connecting games at different casinos into one seamless gaming experience. Spintec’s Remote Gaming solution allows casino groups to combine live and automated games at different locations, making them available to players across different venues. This can radically reduce the number of dealers and other staff required and optimise the number of playing stations across their venues, while giving the players the unique experience of a live or automated game of Roulette, SicBo and Craps.

Their most popular innovation at the event was the upgraded stand-alone automated roulette centre. In its latest edition it boasts attractive new design upgrades, like a flat glass cover with RGB illumination. The wheel now also comes in a super durable light grey Kerrock version with black chrome accents. All these design features are discretely emphasised by integrated LED lighting that follows the circumference of the wheel.

Their Karma automated gaming solution, which can feature a host of different games, can now be upgraded with an attractive two-sided topper which also comes with an interactive LED sign at the very top. This setup can show live statistics and animated promotional content and is certain to attract players from across the casino.

For the casinos that wish to integrate a live card game into their electronic play station portfolio, Spintec now offers a dealer-friendly table with motorised height adjustment and incorporating an additional dealer monitor for an even better overview of the game.

At this year’s ICE Spintec have also premiered a wide range of game upgrades. Their Roulette now features payout-multiplying side games like Crown Roulette or Hotspot Roulette with adjustable payout multipliers of up to 900-times the original bet. However, if the players wish to increase the odds of winning, they can bet on a super exciting Multilevel progressive Jackpot. A similar option is also available for SicBo players with the Dragons progressive Jackpot. Spintec’s new Baccarat, on the other hand, now boasts a super exciting squeeze feature, which adds drama to an already very interesting game. It can be customised to squeeze the cards from the top or from the side, increase or decrease the reveal speed, or even accelerate the game to fast or super-fast.

For the most demanding casinos, Spintec have also developed solutions for the delivery of tournaments with their SicBo, Roulette and Baccarat installations. A first-person experience of this installation was offered to the ICE 2023 visitors at the Spintec stand and the popularity of the event has shown that the operators are showing increasing interest in this type of game delivery.

As a special treat, Spintec have also introduced a new game for the Dutch market only, called Wheel of Diamonds. The game has a fully automated delivery with stunning animation and exciting wins of up to 1.600 €.