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Working hand in hand with Europol, the Spanish police triumphantly sabotaged a match-fixing device involving players and clubs in the country’s lower leagues and apprehended over 20 people involved in the operation.

ESPN reported that the matches under the investigation took place in the third and fourth divisions during the current 2017-18 season and the 2016-17 campaign involving a number of Chinese betting sites.

LaLiga, which operates the top two divisions of Spanish football, said in an official statement that: “LaLiga wants to manifest the extraordinary work done by the national police regarding the complex dismantling of an organised group dedicated to criminal activity focused on obtaining financial gain by predetermining results in soccer games in the country. This police operation demonstrates that the systems for the protection of integrity created by LaLiga, in order to protect the cleanliness of all Spanish football competitions, have been crucial in the detection and reporting the games alleged to have been tampered.”

Source: European Gaming Media and Events