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Showcasing GR8 Casino: A Proven Asset Now a Standalone Product



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Following the recent market rollout of the GR8 Sportsbook, an iGaming solutions provider GR8 Tech introduces another standalone product now available to the wider iGaming industry: GR8 Casino.

Just like GR8 Sportsbook, GR8 Casino is a tried and tested platform that has proven its operational efficiency in many markets over several years. Confident in their ability to provide a signature high level of service and unlock the potential of GR8 Casino to more customers, GR8 Tech is launching the casino platform as a standalone product within their portfolio of technologies and services.

“GR8 Casino is a robust and future-oriented product that can elevate the game for any operator in the iGaming industry. It has proven track record of results, great feedback, rich capabilities, and a huge potential for growth. You may know good casino platforms, but ours is simply gr8, and we encourage operators to check out what it can offer to their iGaming businesses,” says GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov.

GR8 Casino: tech capabilities

GR8 Casino handles up to 20K requests per second with a latency of 1 transaction within 200 ms for each operator. Best-in-class processing speed ensures an average spin time of just 120 ms.

The product supports fast provider integration, averaging around one week, and offers a unique “bring-your-own API” feature for seamless integration.

GR8 Casino: feature highlights

The Jackpot Widget integrates real-time jackpot updates displayed in the player’s currency, contributing to a +5% increase in ABCPU, a +3% rise in games per user, and a +6% boost in ATPU.

The Latest Wins Feed is fully configurable and features dynamic, real-time updates. Displaying only real wins, this feed enhances trust and spurs a +4% increase in bet count per user and a +3% increase in average turnover.

The Hall of Fame introduces a competitive element, especially enticing to VIPs and high-rollers. This feature is responsible for a +4% improvement in retention rate, a +3% increase in average bet, and a +2% growth in average turnover.

These are just a few of the standout features designed to optimize player engagement and operational performance. Complementing them are advanced content verification and robust anti-fraud monitoring systems that ensure a secure gaming environment for both operators and players.

GR8 Casino: bonus engine mechanics

GR8 Casino’s Bonus Engine offers an unparalleled level of customization across different gambling verticals, including live casino and slots. Players can simultaneously take advantage of multiple bonus types, as the wallet maintains separate balances for live casino deposit bonuses, slot bonuses, and more. This flexible system features an array of rewards, including deposit bonuses, free spins, free bets, and cashback. It’s designed to be easily adjusted to align with brand-specific strategies and requirements.

Further bolstering the system’s integrity are rigorous anti-fraud checks, along with measures to detect debt and duplication issues. This ensures a secure and reliable bonus ecosystem.

In terms of performance impact, the Bonus Engine delivers a 75-80% month-to-month increase in player retention. Furthermore, the enhanced retention capabilities result in increased LTV and ARPPU, contributing to a substantial 45% increase in Net Gaming Revenue.

GR8 Aggregator: game portfolio

With over 10,000 slots, 350+ live casino games and tables, 350+ bingo games, and 60+ TV games, sourced from more than 175 vendors, including all AAA-providers like Evolution, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play, players have an abundance of choices. For iGaming brands in regions such as Latin America and Asia, there’s a curated selection of popular games from 30+ specialized providers. A number of games in GR8 Casino’s portfolio seamlessly integrate Live Casino gameplay with sports betting outcomes, making it ideal for cross-selling opportunities between sports and casino verticals, which expands the possibilities of the casino business.

GR8 Casino also features games from GR8 Tech’s in-house game provider, FiredUp Games. 11 titles currently in the FiredUp Games’ portfolio introduce players to nine distinct game mechanics, which provide a dynamic gaming experience full of excitement and novelty at every turn.

GR8 Casino at SBC Barcelona

The earliest opportunity to get an in-depth look at GR8 Casino, its features and capabilities will be on September 19-21 at SBC Barcelona, where GR8 Tech will be exhibiting at stand CG414. Anyone interested in the new online casino platform, as well as other GR8 Tech products and solutions at the booth, is invited to book a meeting with the company’s sales team.



Did you know you could watch the NFL in Canada with Bet99 sportsbook ?





In Canada, NFL fans have discovered a thrilling way to enjoy their favorite football action beyond traditional television broadcasts. Bet99 Sportsbook offers a new opportunity for Canadians to watch NFL games while engaging in the excitement of sports betting, making every touchdown even more exhilarating.

The NFL new season just started, don’t miss it !

The NFL’s new season has kicked off, and it’s shaping up to be an exhilarating ride for football fans everywhere. With fresh talent, seasoned veterans, and renewed team rivalries, this season promises to deliver unforgettable moments and gridiron action that should not be missed. 

Of course, you can always try to watch it on TV (on TSN for example, or via DAZN). But these services are not free. A lesser-known alternative is video streaming on sports betting sites. 

How you can it watch for free on Bet99

Bet99 is now a recognizable brand in Canada, being one of the major sportsbooks in recent years. What is maybe less known is that the site offers live video streaming of the NFL games. 

Bet99 announced before the season that it has signed a licensing agreement with Genius Sports Limited (Genius Sports) to distribute live video streams of NFL games to its customers in Canada. Under the agreement, Bet99 now provides streams of all regular and postseason NFL games to its customers in Canada.

To use the live streaming service, you must be logged in and have an account or have placed a bet on the platform. 

And by the way, Bet99 is also a great place to bet on the NFL : hundreds of different NFL betting options, good odds and live betting, Bet builder, proposition bets and a very wide choice of bets for the NFL: bets on the season, matches and players. 

Here is an example of the possible betting categories for each NFL game:

  • Main
  • Bet Builder
  • Scoring Props
  • TD Scorers
  • Special players
  • Player Multi’s
  • Player H2H
  • Game Props
  • Team Props
  • Combo
  • 1st half
  • 2nd half

You can also bet on the full season for everything related to teams in terms of “Final Victory”:

  • Super Bowl
  • Reach the playoffs
  • Division
  • Conference
  • Playoffs
  • Team specials

Finally, you can also place your bets on players,

  • Awards (e.g. “MVP”, “best defender”, etc.)
  • Player specials: player with the most receptions, player with the most yards covered (running, passing or receiving), player with the most touchdowns thrown, player with the most touchdowns received, etc.


Who is Bet99?

Bet99 is a leading online sports betting and gaming platform that has become known for its comprehensive sports betting offerings and entertainment options. Founded with the aim of offering an immersive and user-friendly betting experience, Bet99 has quickly become a trusted name among sports fans and gaming aficionados. 

With a diverse range of sports markets, including popular leagues such as the NFL, as well as casino games and live betting options, Bet99 offers a unique destination for those looking to engage in sports betting and gaming entertainment. You can read this in-depth review of Bet99 made by a sportsbooks comparator website in Canada.

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Anna Vikmane

FAVBET partners with BETER Live in major boost to its live casino offering





BETER Live’s suite of premium games is now available to all of FAVBET’s users in Ukraine, Croatia, and Romania

Ukraine’s leading iGaming operator FAVBET and BETER Live, the live casino division of the betting content and data provider BETER, has announced a long-term partnership to expand FAVBET’s live casino experience.

From now on, BETER Live will provide FAVBET with a portfolio of authentic and interactive live casino titles in markets across its 3 markets of operation. This includes more than 20+ games and variations covering Roulette, Blackjack, Gravity Blackjack, Gravity Roulette and Ukrainian Roulette.

Game presenters have been trained to the highest possible standards and also know how to provide an engaging player experience, chatting with players throughout their time at the table.

FAVBET has recently launched a UA Roulette table, powered by BETER Live, which has been tailored to meet the specific preferences of Ukrainian players. The new localised game has already found a response among players, showing a near 40% higher conversion rate and 4x more organic traffic compared to the provider’s regular roulette.

“Being a trailblazer in the Ukrainian online casino scene, FAVBET is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage our players while offering them the best possible experience. We are happy to have added BETER Live’s games to our portfolio and be able to provide a fully localised experience to our players and stand out from competition. We now look forward to working closely with BETER Live to continue to enhance our live casino offering and have many great products and updates in the pipeline,” commented FAVBET.

Anna Vikmane, Director of BETER Live, said: “We are delighted to share the news of another successful partnership between BETER Live and a leading operator, FAVBET. It is one of the most recognised brands in the Ukrainian market and one that players trust.  Localisation is key to FAVBET’s success, and we have been able to work with the operator to ensure our content delivers a localised player experience. Shortly after we launched our first games and FAVBET could see they were a big hit with its customers, we rolled out Ukrainian Roulette — the operator’s first step towards a dedicated offering for the market.” 

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Cryptocurrency and Online Gaming: Upsides and Downsides





At this moment in time, everyone and their dog must have heard about the power of Bitcoin. People turn to crypto for quicker and more private transactions. On the other hand, players turn to online gaming platforms for their easy accessibility.

Besides making waves individually, cryptocurrency and online gaming have crossed paths on many platforms. Consider a casino like ReelCrypto, with hundreds of thrilling games that allow players to transact using Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

This growing trend raises many questions. Why do some players prefer using cryptocurrency on online gaming sites? What are the upsides and what are the downsides?

Upsides of Crypto in Online Gaming

The integration of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in online gaming delivers several significant advantages. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Anonymity and Privacy

Whenever the discussion is about crypto, there’s always word about anonymity and privacy. These digital coins still bring this substantial advantage to online gaming platforms.

Unlike credit cards or bank accounts, cryptocurrency transactions do not require personal information. Players only need to provide a wallet address. This extra layer of privacy is invaluable to many. Some players prefer discreet gaming, and crypto gives them that luxury.

  • Lower Transaction Fees

Traditional payment methods usually demand fees that can eat into players’ gaming budgets. That’s not the case with cryptocurrencies, as these costs are significantly reduced. Most crypto transactions require a minimal network fee, making it a cost-effective option. Players can then spend more on what they enjoy, gaming, rather than losing money to transaction fees.

  • Speed and Ease of Transactions

One of the pain points online gamers face is waiting hours and sometimes days to withdraw funds. Bank transfers, for example, take multiple business days. Some e-wallets allow instant transactions, but it’s fiat, which can easily take hours. Cryptocurrencies eliminate this problem by allowing near-instant transactions. Whether players are funding their accounts or cashing out winnings, the process is quick and straightforward.

Downsides of Crypto in Online Gaming

The upsides of using cryptocurrency in online gaming are clear: greater privacy, lower costs, and faster transactions. Now, let’s consider the downsides below:

  • Regulatory Hurdles

The regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies is still evolving, which poses a challenge for online gaming platforms supporting digital currencies. Different jurisdictions have varied stances on the legality of using Bitcoin and other altcoins for gambling, among other activities. For this reason, many crypto online gaming platforms can’t operate on a global scale. Also, many players will be skeptical, not wanting to go against the law.

  • Fraud Prevention

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, and that allows for potential fraud or theft. For instance, a player can sign up on a fraudulent gaming platform, and if they send coins, they can’t get them back. That’s why ensuring playing at reputable and secure platforms is vital.

Bottom Line

Crypto has brought substantial improvements to how players transact on online gaming platforms. These benefits foster the increasing integration of cryptocurrency options in the online gaming industry. However, there are security issues to be resolved.

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