A blitz organised by the Sarawak police(Malasia) against illegal gambling resulted in the arrest of 160 people including eight foreigners. The sudden invasion of police into the gambling site including a  gaming house was followed by 97 raids that persisted from February 5th to 12th.

The Chief official of the State CID, Datuk Dev Kumar said, among those arrested in a single week’s raid, included 70 female suspects as well. And added that the raids were related to the illegal character lottery (4D), online gambling, gaming house, and gaming in a public place. The culprits belonged to the age group of 16 to 61-years-old.

He affirmed: “Fifty-nine raids were conducted at counters selling illegal 4D in 15 districts which resulted in the arrests of 74 individuals and seizure of cash amounting to RM20,501 and many gambling paraphernalia.”

Dev Kumar noted on Feb 10, four officers and 12 personnel from CID state headquarters led by ASP Rudy Gary conducted multiple illegal 4D raids in several areas in Miri. A total of 32 illegal counters were hit at Emart Tudan, Morsjaya, Jalan Dato Permaisuri, and Taman Tunku, Miri, which resulted in the arrest of 46 individuals and seizure of cash amounting to RM14,439.

In a statement issued yesterday, Dev Kumar said: “Mobile phones, portable printers, calculators, betting slips and stationeries were also seized in the raid. As such, efforts to eradicate online gambling continued with raids conducted at 24-hour convenience stores and coffee shops offering reload services to online gamblers.”

He added: “29 raids were conducted in 10 districts that resulted in the arrests of 30 service providers and seizure of 27 mobile phones and tablets and cash amounting to RM6,299.”

Meanwhile, 56 individuals were arrested for gambling “Holo” in raids conducted 13 districts. Various gambling paraphernalia and cash amounting to RM4,410 were also seized and all those arrested are being investigated for offences under the Common Gaming House Act 1953.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events