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Reflex Gaming, the UK-based gaming manufacturer, has deployed ​Yoti​’s digital age verification technology that has automated proof of age verification mechanism into its category B and C gaming machines. The new technology will protect children from gaming abuse, but at the same time offer a seamless gaming experience for adults.

Reflex has over the last 16 years emerged as a strong player in the Pub Retail, Arcade, Bingo and Private Members Club sectors. Integration of Yoti’s digital age and identity technology is expected to boost the growth.

Mat Ingram, Reflex Gaming CPO, said ​“We’re delighted to be working with Yoti who are a skilled, enthusiastic and agile company, just like Reflex. The solution is robust, bleeding-edge technology and marries very well with the cashless play solution that we are also using, the latter provided by Game Payment Technology. Having great technologies working well together is exactly what Reflex are all about and we look forward to rolling it all out in significant numbers.

Yoti uses AI-powered age estimation technology, Yoti Age Scan, to verify identity and age. It can deal with government-approved ID documents from over 195 countries.

Robin Tombs, Yoti CEO said​​ “Our partnership with Reflex Gaming is making life easier for adults while preventing children from gaming. Yoti’s tried and tested age verification technology is unrivalled and makes it safer for people to prove their age while protecting businesses, their staff and customers.”

Reflex’s Slingshot ecosystem and Yoti digital IDs will combine to produce a powerful integrated solution to help people prove their age and identity.