QuestCap’s Global Advisor Mike Tyson Implements The Standard for Safe Sport


Establishing the benchmark for health and safety compliance in a chaotic world

QuestCap Inc. announces former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion “Iron” Mike Tyson, Special Advisor to QuestCap Inc., has implemented The Standard for Safe Sport™, a guideline for safe practices and protocols for Mr. Tyson’s training camp.

“At the age of 54, I have a stronger commitment to safety and the well-being of my camp and all those involved in the day-to-day training I undergo,” said Mr. Tyson. “Between competitions, appearances in various sports and competitive undertakings, there is no room for compromise,” says Mr. Tyson.

“We appreciate Mr. Tyson’s insights and dedication to ensuring his environment gives him and those supporting him the peace of mind and knowledge that they are safer,” said Mr. Doug Sommerville, CEO of QuestCap. “Mr. Tyson has a broad range of business, professional and media activities that brings him into direct, and at times indirect, contact with dozens of people each and every day,” said Mr. Sommerville. “We at QuestCap have come to appreciate and respect that as a world-class athlete, actor and performer that Mr. Tyson leaves nothing to chance” concludes Mr. Sommerville.

Glenco Medical, a company which QuestCap owns a 30% interest, recently established the COVID-19 Standard for Safe Sport, Industry, School, Film Set and Retail™ (the “Standard”), through which it is developing and implementing protocols to safely return sports players, businesspeople, students, performers and shoppers to their respective professions and passions.

The Standard was designed by Dr. Glenn Copeland, who also serves, as Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Glenco Medical. The Standard comprises medical screening protocols for individual health safety. The screenings will incorporate temperature and symptom checks in addition to serology testing for COVID-19 antibodies.

Industry insiders and those close to the Tyson Camp confirms that Mr. Tyson’s recent announcement of returning to the ring is far from rumour but rather fact. This has brought much global attention and online buzz to the myriad of training videos and posts issued by Mr. Tyson as he continues to train in Los Angeles, CA with his first comeback opponent yet to be named.

“I understand the difficulty today’s challenges presents to my trainers, staff and volunteers,” said Mr. Tyson. “That is why I believe following a guideline to do so safely and wisely is paramount. It gives myself and my family the confidence to work with no doubt that we are investing with our eyes wide open and not simply rolling the dice and gambling with our well-being,” says Mr. Tyson. “I used to say that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth – but now that enemy is invisible and I’m not taking any chances.”

QuestCap also announces the appointment of Wen Ye as a director of the company.  Ms. Ye is a CPA, CGA and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University. Ms. Ye brings over 17 years of corporate and finance management experience in the public mining, securities and logistics sectors.

The appointment follows the resignation of Scott Moore as a director and Chairman of the Company. QuestCap would like to thank Mr. Moore for his contributions to the Company and wish him well with his future endeavours.