Twelve of their most popular table games to be hosted on ODDSworks’ BETguard™ Remote Game Server

ODDSworks is proud to announce that an agreement has been finalized that will bring 12 of the most popular casino-proven table games in the Felt portfolio to the BETguard™ Remote Game Server. The Felt portfolio coming to OddsWorks consists of eight blackjack side bet games, including Perfect PairsTM, 21+3TM and Lucky LuckyTM; three poker variants including Caribbean Stud poker TM and Texas Hold’em bonus poker TM, and Felt’s unique Double Ball Roulette TM.

ODDSworks President Larry DeMar said he believes the move is an exciting step for both companies.

Felt’s games have gained a global following and have a proven track record within land-based casinos,” he said. “Combining classic Blackjack, Poker and Roulette titles with the world’s most popular side bets creates the most exciting and truly unique table game experience found anywhere online.”

Felt’s CEO John Parsonage added, “Felt is dedicated to the provision of best-in-class casino table games to the online gaming world. Felt games are renowned worldwide and have a proven track record within land-based and online casinos.” We can’t wait to bring them online in the US.

“With Felt, customers see side bets that fully engage players by providing higher win frequencies as well as larger potential rewards,” DeMar added. “These benefits in return provide longer playing times, increased bet volume and can generate up to a 40 percent higher return to the operator over standard table games. I am delighted to see what together we can do.”

Felt’s game interfaces incorporate the authentic look of cards and chips with functional features.

Best yet, he said they are fully mobile-ready today and will be live this year.

DeMar also believes the deal “primes the well” for future content.

ODDSworks plans to integrate with most major online casinos to provide operators with a unique, market-proven game library.

ODDSworks CEO Shridar Joshi noted “There is a tremendous amount of potential in the market waiting to be capitalized on, and we expect to partner with other amazing companies like Felt moving into the future. ODDSworks is now positioned to be the go-to place for special differentiated table games.”

ODDSworks game library now stands at 65 games and growing!

The catalog includes familiar favorites like Keno, Slots, Scratch-off Tickets and Video Poker. Content consists of a versatile range of proprietary and third-party titles, each featuring a unique and engaging theme enhanced with stellar graphics, sounds, and features.

Many of those games have already had successful runs in U.S. land-based and European online markets.