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NMi the market leading compliance testing and auditing laboratory specialising in the fields of
gaming and IT security, is pleased to announce its latest accreditation as an entity to carry
out certification audits for World Lottery Association (WLA) members against the WLA
Security Control Standards 2016 (SCS) on a global basis. In addition, numerous senior
employees have gained formal recognition from the WLA as Certified Auditors.

This accreditation in the market of state-authorised lotteries, further enforces NMi’s
commitment to serve its customers in lottery markets worldwide. The WLA is the global
authority on the lottery business and the WLA SCS is the lottery sector’s only internationally
recognized security standard, with the 2016 revisions incorporating additional lottery-specific
security controls representing current best practice. WLA members have a business need to
provide environments that are above reproach when it comes to security and integrity, and an
audit against the SCS is an effective way of demonstrating this.

Andrew Rosewarne, NMi Gaming Director commented: “This important step for NMi
demonstrates to customers our commitment to the lottery market. We expect online lottery
services to be a major growth area this year and with our experience in the regulated online
gaming sector and with electronic draw equipment, NMi is ready to provide the needed
assurance to existing customers and those moving online.

With over 40 years of experience in the gaming industry we offer an established infrastructure
worldwide with labs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Canada, and
key representatives globally. NMi is also pleased to offer the lottery industry PCI Services,
including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.


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