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Newgioco Group has started the reopening procedures in physical webshop locations that were closed amid restrictions due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Italy.

The Company has distributed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) aid packages to webshops in the form of utility stands situated in each location that contain antiseptic hand gel, face masks and gloves to provide personal protection for both our store salesclerks and visiting customers.

“This is an important economic commitment on the part of our Company to share our responsibilities towards reopening the economy in countries where we operate. We consider the role that our sales agents and retail vendors play as brand ambassadors to be fundamental,” Alessandro Marcelli, Chief Operating Officer of Newgioco Group, said.

“We are living a pivotal moment, COVID-19 is likely to change our economic structure at all levels and within this new phase of complete uncertainty, the most fragile elements are specifically small businesses. This is why we are giving real help for the restart, not just promises. A restart that we believe will be gradual at first given the concern for preventing continuous spread of COVID-19 in our communities. We decided to give our sales network a small boost, to those who believe in us, and a signal to say that we believe in them,” Alessandro Marcelli added.