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NetShop ISP has announced that it has completed the casino games audit recently carried out for Casino Slots Development Company, Fugaso.

The extensive audit began back in April in an attempt to stress-test Fugaso’s games performance and provide suggestions for optimisation on a CDN, Infrastructure and other technologies perspectives.

Fugaso, which is short for Future Gaming Solutions, is an iGaming Software Provider and Game Development Company that was founded in 2016. Since launching, Fugaso has made a massive impact within the online gaming industry, predominantly within the European market. With a focus on growth and a commitment to high quality offerings, Fugaso turned to NetShop ISP for a technical audit of their infrastructure.

The audit took part in stages, and began by firstly gathering the necessary business and infrastructure details as well as Fugaso’s server and traffic data. An extensive Gameplay and Data flow analysis was then carried out in order to gauge performance and complete a technical evaluation.

“An infrastructure audit like this is essential for Casino Game Providers to maintain efficiency and improve overall business performance,” Stefano Sordini, CEO of NetShop ISP, said.

“I am very happy with the decision to undergo this infrastructure audit with NetShop ISP. It has highlighted some really valuable points and technical suggestions that we are able to implement,” Niko Mazger, CEO of Fugaso, said.