NetGaming Receives Pride 365 Certification
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The up-and-coming iGaming developer of games, NetGaming, has received a certification from Pride 365 for its commitment in promoting and championing the concept of DEI, which stands for diversity, equity and inclusion.
DEI is not just a necessity living in the 21st century, but it’s equally a reflection of NetGaming’s own company culture. With most of the team members brought up in the 80s, DEI is pivotal for the way the business operates, offering a safe and nurturing environment for all team members, who are encouraged to bring their true selves to work.

The values promoted by DEI are inherent to NetGaming’s culture and the company and its team are lucky to be working in an industry that embraces innovation and thrives in diversity. Bringing individuals with unique skillsets and backgrounds has been one of the ways to drive create value in the sector.
The Pride 365 certification is a reflection on a company culture that protects individual rights and wants its team members to feel safe and at home as part of the NetGaming family. NetGaming further condemns the instances of injustice or hostility towards those who are different.

With the LGBTQ+ community facing a long and sinuous road towards broader acceptance, NetGaming has been happy to support individuals of particular worth, distinction and skillsets. Commenting on this milestone, Pride 365 COO George Mizel said:“Pride 365 are thrilled for NetGaming to make a real step towards inclusion and have become industry leaders as the first Pride 365 Certified organization of this type. Demonstrating that they are not just willing to say they are supportive of the LGBT+ community but actually show it.”

Commenting on this NetGaming CEO Pallavi Deshmukh expressed her own satisfaction with having built a company that is fully committed to championing equality and success based on an inclusive and merit-based approach:

“We are very proud and honored to engage with Pride 365. DEI is intrinsic to NetGaming, discrimination at any level is not part of our nature. Receiving certification from Pride 365 reaffirms our approach and makes it official. We are looking forward to working with Pride 365 and associating ourselves with the exciting projects they are part of.”

June was Pride Month and as such, many companies from the industry stepped up and openly endorsed the LGBTQ+ community, their accomplishment within the industry and right to be treated as equals of particular character and quality.