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Alarming on the deadline of three more days to pay the approved tax percentage, the government of Nepal notified the licensed casino operators in Nepal, that the venues will be closed. National authorities are calling for the regulated taxes and royalty payments from gaming salons that have not complied with the established legislation on casino fees.

The warning sent by the government to the licensed gaming companies currently operating in the country states:“We have served a three-day ultimatum on tax defaulting casinos and mini-casinos, and if they do not pay heed to the department’s orders, they will be punished as per the law.”

As established by the law approved in 2013 – Casino Regulation- operators must chip-in to the country’s finance structure with a Rs 20 million (US$307,800) fee to acquire a casino operating licence. Moreover, the companies must pay an annual fee equal to 50 percent of the operating licence tax per year. The operators were also required to pay an annual royalty.

Three casinos in Nepal, namely  Casino Royale, Casino Rad and Casino Venus have been allowed to stay  on track, owing to an interim order from the Supreme Court, but now operations are threatened by the Nepalese government, which had previously pulled the plugs of  several salons in 2014 when operators did not adhere to the Casino Regulation 2013.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events