In the cyber world of bitcoin, Ethereum is often thought of as a competitor. However, that’s not exactly correct. Ethereum is indeed used for transactions similarly to Bitcoin but is much faster and less expensive. Ethereum provides an amazing smart contract functionality. The PCP Ethereum cloud is used to run blockchain apps. The idea behind this type of blockchain development for everybody to be able to create and execute their own apps easily. Smart contracts are a specific type of app which is written using the programming language, Solidity.  These run atop the Ethereum Blockchain. What’s so great about Smart Contracts? They can be used for designing nearly any type of program whether it is for a financial institution or to creating a betting app. A smart contract can be used for anything involving transferring a value.

In Solidity, just like other computer languages, a smart contract consists of numerous functions. These are triggered by events. The function then transfers value or another pre-defined event in a separate smart contract, or it can interact with online information. Of course, the significant difference in smart contracts is the concept of multi-signature. In a perfect democracy, a good analogy would be voting where every user of a contract is allowed to vote for A or for B, and if there are enough votes for A then function A is “called.” Otherwise, B function would go into action. Ultimately, this is the projection of a social process incorporated into blockchain and intended for reaching a consensus for a fact.


Blockchain and Solidity Development

To better understand blockchain development, it’s important to gain a workable understanding of Solidity. The simplest definition is that it is a static-type programming language. C++ and Java are also statically-typed programming languages meaning they go through a process of enforcing and verifying the different limitations and constraints of type.

Solidity development began to create smart contracts which are executed through the Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. The best explanation is that it is a specific language which initiates smart contracts, processed them and verifies them. It’s a process which can’t be refuted or reversed.


Investing in Blockchain Technology

A good understanding of Solidity can help those who want to invest in blockchain technology or potentially make other investments in cryptocurrencies. Solidity is used to create smart contracts. But, what does that mean? Simply put, a smart contract exists between two people, such as a buyer and a seller. However, there is no currency needed to initiate a smart contract. Perhaps it is files or data that is transferred to execute a smart contract. The most important thing to know is that once a smart contract has been executed, it cannot be revered. They make up part of the network of blockchains. Once they are in place, they are permanent.

If you desire to get involved in blockchain, it’s best to learn more about Solidity and then branch out from there. Once you understand the language and actions of Solidity, it’ll be easier to make investment choices on blockchain. Blockchain development is only going to widen from here, all that’s left is to decide if you want to be a part or not.


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