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During 2020, the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service team helped return $6,084,575.42 of unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money to players, achieving an average resolution time of less than 10 calendar days of all processed complaints.

The AGCCS is out with its official, annual report for 2020, bringing impressive results – the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service managed to break its previous records in helping over $6,084,575.42 of unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money get back to players. In total, AGCCS helped 13,811 players return $38M and counting via our Casino Complaint Service.

As per the AGCCS Annual Report 2020, our team received 11,012 new complaints, which makes more than 12% increase compared to the 2019 stats. Out of all filed cases, 2,373 were accepted and 2,057 complaints resolved. Additionally, the number of new players who filed complaints against 803 casino brands increased by 13%, jumping from 6,804 in 2019 to 7,680 players in 2020. The overall
resolution success rate for 2020 rounded at 81%.

In 2020, our Complaint team broke the previous record for the complaints average speed of resolution as well by achieving the staggering 235 hours, which is 32% faster compared to the 2019 stats.

Unequalled Competence and Dedication

The AskGamblers’ customer support team is a team of professionals who invest a great deal of knowledge, unprecedented dedication, time and urgency in handling both player and operator submissions with equal enthusiasm. Being the perfect mediator, AGCCS focuses on getting the truth, bringing justice, and finding the best solution while keeping both sides satisfied.

Denis Ristić, AskGamblers General Manager, reflected on this success by saying: “The fact we’ve managed to return over $6.08 million to players in 2020 is remarkable! Our AGCCS team has worked hard and keeps working hard; they have an extraordinary ethic and love for what they do which, I believe, is just one of the reasons why their results keep getting better year after year. I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved in the process of keeping AGCCS a reputable, trusted source of resolution.”

The AskGamblers team is proud to share our latest statistics report, and thank the players and operators for trusting and using our AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service. Likewise, the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service continues to be at our players’ disposal at all times, should they experience any casino-related issues.

The interested parties can read a detailed report on the AGCCS 2020 stats and accomplishments on our website.