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The National Anticorruption Directorate of Romania, has seized a person, suspected of using European Funds to gamble at slots machines.
Seems pretty incredible, right? You try to attract these funds, have a plan, schedule a few months of activity, get the right people to help; nevertheless it’s nothing less than starting a business and to have it all done on paper.
But what this man did AFTER receiving the funds, left many people wondering “What was he thinking?”
Shortly after the man named Andrei Anti, from Iasi city, received his 24.000 Euro or 107.304 RON (initially destined for his farm) he gave one of a third of the sum to a person, to which he had a debt.

And the rest?
Slots machines!
Not buying them, of course. He gambled the rest of the money at slots machines.
Prosecutors say that he indeed made a repair using a small amount of the money.. But those repairs, unfortunately, were not mentioned in the initial plan, destined to attract the European Funds.

For now, the man remains under investigation.


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