Live Casinos Online or traditional land base Casinos


Live Online Casinos are one of the last frontiers when it comes to remote gambling. It is a fairly recent development, made possible by continued evolution of online gaming in response to growing demand.

Live Casinos offer a trade-off between Online casinos and Traditional casinos, and for many players represent an unparalleled game experience.

Here, we try to understand how the best Live Online Casinos work, and how they differ from normal, remote casino gaming.

What are live Online Casinos?

When it comes to Live casinos we refer to a game mode introduced fairly recently in the world of online casinos.

In the Live casino, the game is run by a real life croupier in an equipped room. This room is connected via video streaming and players can access it whenever they want to start playing.

The best Live online casinos are a recent invention, which could not exist without transformations in the communications industry.

The real key to the success of live casinos is the progress that has been made in connectivity and the spread of broadband and 4g networks. Without a fast, low-cost connection, it would have been impossible to implement an idea like the Live casino.

Continued developments in devices such as smartphones and tablets have also contributed to the spread and success of this game mode.

The Best Live Online Casinos, Differences Between Online and Traditional Casinos

Although the best online Live casinos are in fact hosted by online casino sites, the game modes they offer is totally different.

The most significant difference is that remote gaming sites rely on a software program and offer fully automated games. The results of the games are determined by a specially developed algorithm, RNG, which attributes the results.

In Live casinos, the game is not automated, but takes place in the exact same way as it would in a traditional casino. Depending on the type of game being played, there would be a real decks of cards, roulette wheel or dice and so on.

The results of the games are due to chance or luck, in short, there is no software to determine the results. In addition, players have more options with which to interact with the game and manage their performances.

They can view the gaming table from different angles, review statistics, chat with other players or with the dealer for example.

The Best Live Casinos Online: Providers

Almost all operators now offer Live sections on their sites. In this way they keep up with the demands of the players.

Being a relatively new development, there are not many providers creating this product yet, and very often online Live casinos are created by the same few manufacturers. Evolution Gaming is an industry leader that offers live casino rooms to the best online casinos.

Other providers specializing in software creation are responding to growing demand by launching into the production of live games, manufacturers including Playtech, Microgaming, and Netent to name a few.

Games offered by the Best Live online casinos

The basic package offered by Live casinos include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker Texas Hold’em.

Most casinos offer these games, in a limited number of rooms.

In contrast, he best Live online casinos stand out for the abundance and variety on offer. Having many rooms guarantee that there are always online croupiers available for every type of game. Though let’s not forget that being managed by real dealers, gaming rooms may be inactive during some time slots.

In addition to the classics already mentioned, the best Live online casinos offer many opportunities to have fun in real time. Classics are also offered in many different variants, including:

• Dragon Tiger

• Seven and a half

• Hi-lo

• Monopoly

• Wheel of Fortune

• Craps


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