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LeoVegas, a Swedish mobile gaming company and provider of online casino and diverse sports betting services struck a strategic deal with Ports Group, a specialist in the protection and monitoring of trademarks and domain names.

In accordance with the deal, Ports Group will serve as the strategic domain name partner of LeoVegas, as the company anticipates to protect its various platforms.Ports Group has more than 15,00 clients in over 160 countries around the world.

In association, Mattias Bergehed, the Head of search engine optimisation at LeoVegas, said: “We wanted a first-class full-service solution for our growing domain portfolio, which includes everything from trademark and domain protection, to customised hosting solutions. Ports Group provides us with efficient corporate domain management that allows us to centralise and monitor against infringements plus any potential security risks.”

And Patrik Lindahl, the Head of Professional Services at Ports Group, added: “We are very pleased that LeoVegas, one of Europe’s fastest growing and most innovative digital companies, chose Ports Group as their partner for protecting their business-critical digital assets. The needs of LeoVegas fits perfectly into our full-service solution with secure, strategic and active management as well proactive protection of digital assets.”

Source: European Gaming Media and Events