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LCB Acquired Affiliate Guard Dog To Support Safe Gaming

In order to further promote fair and safe gaming, Latest Casino Bonuses has set their attention to the cooperation between casino operators and affiliates.


After they previously set their focus on directories and guides more focusing towards players, they took the chance to extent their network with a website particularly aimed at affiliates. The company proudly announces that just recently LCB acquired Affiliate Guard Dog, which is a credible site dedicated to the interest of affiliates.

The site has we well-established forum community, in which casino management and gambling affiliates exchanges valuable experiences.

Additionally, members can communicate with each other and for example discuss business practices launched by  new as well as established operators, or speak about the latest events within the industry.

The open discussion about several online casinos highlights the positive and negative sides of the practices in the industry and helps to raise awareness.

Furthermore, the website also provides information about current trends and happenings in the gaming industry.

The Platinum Certified Program, was launched by Andy, the latest owner of the website. Only operators matching strict qualification requirements and maintaining truthful services could qualify to receive the certificate. Among other things, they need to pay affiliates on time, respond quickly, do not have any reported spam or fraudulent practices and do not work with predatory terms and conditions.

After the acquisition, he stated that he believes that the team will progress in the right direction: “Josh and the LCB team were handpicked to ensure that AGD moves forward with even more dedication towards the protection of affiliates. While is it sad to let AGD go, I believe it is in the best interest of affiliates to have a dedicated team ready and willing to protect affiliate interests. LCB has set its sights on the relationship and cooperation between casino affiliates and operators”

In order to ease the affiliates’ choice which operators to partner with, Affiliate Guard Dog published a list of Rogue Programs. On this list affiliates can see all popular casinos, which have a predatory background and includes information on their activities.

The LCB team strives to improve the new site and its forum, to benefit the affiliates as well as the players worldwide. The content should help to avoid affiliates partnering with casinos of a low-standard and various issues that might arise from being involved with such rogue establishments.

LCB’s CEO, Joshua Chan, supported the watchdog approach and extolled Affiliate Guard Dog’s dedication to their case:  “We will be dedicating full-time resources to add helpful tools for our fellow affiliates, we have learnt many insights into what it takes to be a successful affiliate over the last 10+ years and we hope to share that knowledge and help move this industry into a safer and more honest one.

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