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Juggler Games and Klabater are thrilled to announce that The Amazing American Circus has been selected for IGN’s Awesome Indies celebration at Gamescom 2021, and invite you to visit The Amazing American Circus’ booth in the Indie Arena!

Amazing Circuses, Awesome Indies

IGN has selected us to be part of their Awesome Indies celebration on Wednesday the 26th of August. Tune in at 21:13 CEST (12:13 PT) to see our game featured!

Where to Find Us

The Amazing American Circus is pitching the big top in the Indie Arena Booth Online. Make sure you visit Arcade Village (aka ‘Howling Garden’) Floor 7 ‘Strategy’ on the Gamescom map for The Amazing American Circus. One of the Klabater team will be manning the booth, ready to take questions, chat and hang out with journalists, players, content creators and anyone who wants to learn more about the game!

Play the Demo!

Throughout Gamescom a demo of The Amazing American Circus will be live on Steam! Step into the ring and experience our unique blend of Slay-The-Spire deck building, card duelling and tycoon sim management for yourself. And if you’re a journalist, please get in touch and request a review key – we’ve only got a limited number available, so first come, first served!