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Kent State close to launching varsity esports video gaming program



Kent State close to launching varsity esports video gaming programReading Time: 2 minutes

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Kent State University is looking to join MAC rivals Akron and Miami in launching a varsity esports program.

The specifics of the program haven’t been announced yet, but university officials say they’re close to making their plans known.

The interest level in this is pretty high,” Steven Toepfer, a faculty member who oversees a group of student gamers at Kent’s Salem campus, said. “We’re behind this significantly.

Varsity esports programs have sprouted up at more than 50 colleges across the country in recent years. Teams of student gamers compete with other colleges and at tournaments in popular games such as League of Legends, Overwatch and Hearthstone. Many of the schools like Akron and Ashland offer scholarships to students to play video games.

Kent will too, although the number and amounts are still being discussed. The Salem campus is already recruiting players for scholarships in Hearthstone and Overwatch.

We’re going to have six players in the Salem campus coming into the university in the fall,” Toepfer said. “Most of the regional campuses are going to field at least one team as well. So, that’s seven locations (in addition to the main campus). We’re talking about a sizable program.

In addition to the varsity-level program, the school is planning to field club teams as well. 

There are currently more than two dozen student organizations at Kent involved in competitive video gaming. The university hopes to lure them and prospective students to a school-wide tournament on April 6-7. The goal: to gauge interest, recruit players and educate the rest of the university about esports.

We’re going to see how competitive we can be in a couple of different games. We’re also going to find out what games we want to dive into in year one,” Tim Pagliari, project manager of KSU’s esports initiative, said.

As far as possible future matchups against their arch nemesis Akron Zips, university officials say that’s part of the goal.

The MAC doesn’t have a current stance on esports, although they’re getting there,” Pagliari said. “We certainly hope to have both friendly competitions and to see them in regional and national tournaments.

While the scope and timeline for an esports program is still being finalized, organizers say the process of selling the merits of gaming to the university as a whole is ongoing.

“We show them some of the numbers in terms of what the industry is doing ($1.5 billion in revenue globally last year) and how much these [pros] are making and it really drives home the point,” Toepfer said. “But we also try to sell this as a community building endeavor.

We really think [an esports program] is going to help our students feel attached to the university in a similar way that athletics help athletes feel like their part of the university. … These kids are so excited to be representing the university, so it has a lot to do with attachment to place and feeling proud of Kent State.


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Source: European Gaming Media and Events


Kinguin Launches API Giving Merchants Access to Inventory and Award Winning Customer Support



Kinguin Launches API Giving Merchants Access to Inventory and Award Winning Customer SupportReading Time: 2 minutes


Kinguin, one of the world’s leading online retailers in the video and PC game industry today announced the launch of the Kinguin application programming interface (API) for e-commerce. The newly released API is free to qualified online retailers and makes it easy to list, price, and sell thousands of video games while using Kinguin’s award-winning Customer Support and automated order-processing.

With the Kinguin e-commerce API, retailers gain access to a virtually endless supply of CD keys via Kinguin’s robust video and PC game catalog, eliminating traditional online store needs of inventory management and control, while offering larger, more diverse selections of products. Retailers can immediately add up to 15,000 games with customizable attributes such as pricing, descriptions and more to their existing store offerings.

Customers pay the participating store directly as normal, then, without any middlemen or delays, orders are automatically processed by Kinguin. Game keys are immediately dispatched once an automated purchase information has been received. Problems regarding game keys or transactions will be handled completely, professionally and immediately via Kinguin’s award-winning customer service channels – simplifying the purchasing experience for merchants and gamers.

“The mission of the Kinguin API for e-commerce is to make it easier for any e-commerce store to distribute virtual products. In this way, businesses can take advantage of the large volume of products available at quickly, easily, and profitably,” says Kamil Grabowski, Project Manager behind Kinguin’s API for e-commerce. “Our goal is to satisfy the gaming community, both players and merchants, and with this API, it’s going to be easier than ever.”

To apply for the Kinguin API e-commerce solution, please apply here.

About Kinguin:
Founded in 2013, Kinguin has fast become the largest alternative marketplace to Steam, Origin, and, with more than 7 million loyal customers globally. Kinguin’s mission is to create an ecosystem built for the gamer. To achieve this, Kinguin provides easy and secure access to games, innovative ways for gamers to trade and conduct commerce, and new ways for developers to reach customers directly. Kinguin is also involved with esports, esports venues, and esports centers of excellence worldwide. Visit and for more information.

Source: European Gaming Media

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Leap Gaming launches Instant Football



Leap Gaming launches Instant FootballReading Time: 1 minute


Leap Gaming, a developer of 3D multi-platform casino and gaming solutions, has launched its latest game, titled Instant Football.

It provides an on-demand football experience through both desktop and mobile devices. Its hallmarks are realistic animated action and fast-paced betting options.

The interface is characteristically simple and intuitive. It features 16 teams. Its other features include the option to browse between games, on-demand activation of games and the ability to skip scenes and matches for faster betting.

Instant Football offers a broad range of betting markets, including home and away teams, and Rebet and Rebet*2 on the same teams – all of which are available 24/7.

Video footage has been created using motion capture technology to record professional players and scans of real stadiums, and is voiced with professional commentary.

The game also offers a range of customisable options, including the UI and UX, languages (the game automatically adjusts to location), currency and betting limits.

It is available directly through Leap Gaming, or via 1X2 Network, SG Digital and other selected platforms.

Yariv Lissauer, CEO of Leap Gaming, said: “Instant Football is one of our most complete game to date, and combines stunning graphics with professional commentary with a wide range of betting options to deliver a truly world-class player experience.

“Virtuals are becoming increasingly popular as players demand round the clock access to sports events and games, and we can certainly deliver this via titles such as Instant Football.”


Source: interGameOnline

Source: European Gaming Media

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NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions wins Norsk Tipping’s competition



NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions wins Norsk Tipping’s competitionReading Time: 1 minute


NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS), a full-service lottery provider based in Austria, has won a mini competition conducted by Norsk Tipping to find a suitable supplier of the digital version of the lottery’s most popular scratch game “Million Flax”.

“Million Flax” is one of the core products in Norsk Tipping’s portfolio of physical scratch games and it has won a great brand recognition since its launch in 1995. NLS offered not only a smooth transition of all elements from the physical ticket to its digital version but also proposed attractive and playful animations that can further enhance players’ retention.

“We are very happy that once again our offering has proven to be the best fit for Norsk Tipping’s sophisticated online games portfolio. It was a competitive bid and the fact that we won based on quality is another validation of NLS’ innovative approach to the eInstant game category” – explained Pall Palsson, Director of Product Management at NLS.

This win comes as part of the contract that NLS inked with Norsk Tipping in March 2017, following a competitive tender procedure. Under the terms of the contract, NLS supports the growth and diversity of lottery’s e-Instant portfolio and provides business development expertise in the area of interactive games.

Source: European Gaming Media

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