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KamaGames has launched of two novel multi-table tournaments (MTTs). Both feature rules from Super and Pair Party modes.

Players can now  battle under  the unique rules that these two Party modes bring to the table. KamaGames, which has a great track record in launching successful MTTs, is widening its offerings by giving players a whole new catalogue of experiences to embrace and enjoy.

With Pair Party MTT, in the preflop, all players are dealt one card and its copy, while Super Party MTT sees five different, yet inventive, superpowers become available in the game. Superpowers in-play will include the ability to view an opponent’s cards or even see what cards will appear in the next round. A superpower can also be gaining an extra card that doesn’t come from the deck, a duplicate of a card that’s already in the hand or even obtaining a Joker card.

A continuous focus for KamaGames is offering players new games and features with the aim of keeping them regularly engaged and entertained.