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The Japanese legislators are excogitating a proposal in order to execute a limit on the number of casino entries, to up to three-times-a-week. Once the casino operations receive a green light, the Japanese residents might encounter a maximum limit on casino entry. The local press disclosed that the legislators are seriously into a proposal that would confine the number of times local players could enter the gaming salons in the integrated resorts (IR) to up to three times a week.

And the second option is allowing the residents to enter casinos a maximum of ten times a month. To be noted that the maximum entry policies would be applicable only to Japanese players. The IR Implementation Bill, which includes the proposal, will be discussed during the current Diet session of the National Congress, and probably get approved by May or June this year. The Japanese casino industry has been paused owing to the national legislators postponing debates associated with the activation of further regulations and approved gaming legislation. The general bill on casinos cannot come into force until Congress passes all regulations regarding gambling prevention, license processes, and gaming taxes among other things.

With casino industry development anticipated to begin in the upcoming months, representatives of the lower house of Japan’s Parliament are debating a new proposal to address problem gambling. However, the Parliament’s measure to finally commence the casino process is still pending.


Source: European Gaming Media and Events