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The Japanese city of Echizen disclosed an interest in hosting an integrated resort. In view of this, the authorities of the Japanese city of Echizen have put forward a project that addresses the installation of an integrated resort in the area which would contribute to the local economy and the development of tourism. However, Echizen city is located in Fukui Prefecture, an area that had not been previously considered as a potential host.

The Fukui Association of Corporate Executives presented the casino proposal, last Friday which will compete with bigger cities’ gaming plans. With regard to the proposal Echizen Mayor, Toshiaki Nara commented: “This proposal exceeds what our city can accomplish on its own, so I look forward to tying up with all of Fukui Prefecture and indeed all of the Hokuriku region.”

Echizen is also a rural part of Japan with only about 80,000 people within the city limits, although authorities believe tourism boost could improve its image.

Masahiro Hayashi, one of the leaders of the Fukui Association of Corporate Executives as well as the President of Fukui Bank, added: “Although we have examined various plans, from the point of view of economic efficacy an IR initiative is the best.”

The Integrated Resorts (IR) Implementation Bill is yet to be approved, but the Japanese government continues to look into different requirements to be set for operators and gamblers. All propositions are still to be debated at the Japanese Congress, but it is still unclear when that will happen and – according to experts – Japan casinos may not open until 2026.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events