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Japan’s bicameral legislature has finally opened the application window for three integrated resorts licences. Those cities and prefectures interested in developing an Integrated Resort will have until 28 April 2022 to submit their final project proposals.

Authorities will allow three licences, and there are currently only three cities expected to bid for them: Nagasaki, Osaka and Wakayama. All three could be chosen; however, it is possible that the public authority picks only one or two, or even none.

The criteria established by the national government last December states that applications will be judged based on a points scale of up to 1000 and under five key criteria:

  • The commitment of the IR to the Japanese travel industry (up to 450 points).
  • The capacity to run a safe business (200 points).
  • The national economic and social effects (150 points).
  • Programmes to address gambling-related harm (150 points).
  • The use of casino revenue for the public good (50 points).