Into the Echo Teaser Trailer - First Look at ETLOK’S Time Travelling MMORPG!


“Everything we do, leaves ripples in the ocean of time. But some stories are so epic, the waves they create echo throughout eternity”

ETLOK Studios are pleased to present the first look at their innovative MMORPG Into the Echo and invite you to sign up for a round of Pre-Alpha testing. Into The Echo is taking the traditional mechanics of resource collection, crafting, puzzle-solving and combat to build next generation social experiences, offering players a chance to build their reputation and find their own unique purpose in this enchantingly realized shared world. Designed for longevity, with an innovative progression system and a commitment to mental wellness in mind, Into the Echo will deliver an MMO experience like no other.

Raava Needs You

Cosmic events that took place in planet Raava’s past have altered this planet’s evolution giving its inhabitants a unique ability called Qen. Mysterious events are taking place on this curious planet and players will have to journey into the echoes of the past to find answers while uncovering Raava’s rich history and deep lore.

Mastering the Powers of Qen

Your actions and the skills you choose to master will help you build a reputation and make you a hero in your own right. Whether you choose to master a craft, become a legendary code-breaker or actually fight for your faction – your contribution is vital to move the world forward. We are hard at work building systems to support huge adventures and unique community challenges that require players with unique skills to solve and reward the entire community when completed.


Shared but Unique

Our philosophy underpinning the player experience we are currently creating is character diversity. Every person playing the game is an individual and therefore we strive to make their experience unique. This is an attempt to break with traditional MMORPG design outcomes and allow players to forge their own identities in the game world itself. “When we speak of character diversity, we don’t just mean in terms of looks, classes or races. We are addressing diversity of purpose, where each player has a unique identity based on their own purpose derived from the actions they take and the role they choose to play.” – Akshay Kolte, ETLOK Co-Founder.

Our Vision

Our vision with Into The Echo is to think beyond the game into building an entire virtual universe that spans media platforms and can be a launching pad for next generation social interactions where each player has a unique identity and purpose that makes them want to inhabit the universe rather than just experience it.  We have taken a design approach to building Raava’s history – most of which is already written.  Some of our stunning concept art is embedded in this press release.  We look forward to laying the foundations of our future community and sharing more with you as we accelerate development and begin tackling the engineering and artistic challenges of bringing Raava to life.