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InBet Games: Unique Bookmaking Platform is Getting Smarter

InBet Games is a software solutions provider seasoned by more than 15 years of operation in some of the most regulated gaming and gambling markets across four continents. Thanks to our penchant for providing comprehensive service packages, InBet products come with not just flawless mathematics and enhanced player appeal – they are always tailored to comply with the rules of the market they are intended for.

Gaming machines, while enjoying a great popularity among players, have always faced severe regulations in many jurisdictions. In the UK, for example the law restricts the number of such terminals operating with a single establishment to four, as well as sets a limit on monthly revenue derived from slots. Yet, the demand for this kind of entertainment has never been higher.

Here is when DAREBS, a new solution offered by InBet Games, comes in. The acronym stands for Dynamically Animated Real Events Betting System, and it allow people to make bets on real-life events. The major feature that makes DAREBS stand out and gives it an edge is exciting and very visually attractive betting experience. DAREBS is powered and use data from international open systems such as flight radar and others that track coordinates of airplanes in the air. Airplane positioning information can be displayed on the screen in the betting shop, and can be easily tracked and cross checked through a variety of services: that makes the whole process absolutely transparent for the better.

What’s the use for operators? The real-event mechanism behind DAREBS means operator can operate on a bookmaking license – therefore, it could be a fine addition to any betting shop. It would not cannibalize the existent infrastructure that is already in use, since no restrictions apply to it. This system holds a proprietary patent and certified by BMM and several other testing labs and has been successfully implemented in dozens of regulated markets. Boasting enhanced player engagement, DAREBS’ profitability rate is almost the same as for B2 terminals.

DAREBS is based on a software platform called Lima, which has extremely flexible technical requirements and can be installed on a regular computer, regardless of operating system. It comes along with ready-to-use cashier and administrator interfaces, and provides numerous options for customization, from animation settings to regulating the jackpot size.
For those who make bets, DAREBS has a lot in store, too. Needless to say, a combination of bookmaking essence and animation dynamics makes for an enhanced betting experience that goes far beyond what usual bookmaking interfaces have to offer. There are more than 120 vivid animations to choose from – a solid motive for a player to get deeply engaged, thus spending more time at the terminal.

A groundbreaking solution, DAREBS is constantly adding up new features and functionality. The latest improvement has seen the platform being equipped with a system of customer account management. This tool allows players to resume the betting from the last checkpoint, even if earlier they have left the gaming hall for a while. The easily searchable customer account database also simplifies cash-in. For operators, it acts as a convenient CRM instrument, indispensable for maintaining a customer database and automating payment processes.

If you are still not fully convinced – booking a DAREBS demo now will secure you two months of free operation! And once you get a taste of Inbet Games’ software, you are welcome to check out our wider product line that includes a range of profitable web-based and land-based solutions.

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