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In Social Media Rankings Paddy Power achieves high score



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Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker in Ireland, has hit the top spot in the social media rankings among bookmakers in a survey conducted by the leading tipster site, According to February 21 to March 9, 2018’s data collection the site assessed 26 of the world’s top bookmakers.

Bookmakers assessed

The bookmakers assessed were (in alphabetical order):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and

Their headquarters are situated in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, so that they can keep their position within top bookmakers in the world. They offer betting services in different are, such as horse racing, football, basketball, tennis, cricket, golf, greyhound racing, snooker, darts, boxing, rugby union, rugby league and virtual sports.

Social media platforms considered 

Data from the following social media platforms were collected and analysed: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. These are the most widely used social media platforms and every bookmaker on the list was found to have some form of presence on each.

The categories that were considered included the number of followers in each platform, as well as the number of Tweets, the number of YouTube videos, the number of views per YouTube video, and the most watched YouTube video.

How Paddy Power won the day

Paddy Power was among the Top Five in every social media category assessed except one. It led the way in three categories and was in the second or third position in two categories.

Facebook followers: Bet365 took the lead, with 1,553,663 followers on Facebook. Hot on its heels was Paddy Power, with 1,551,324 followers; Unibet, with 811,939 followers; Betfair, with 649,176 followers; and William Hill, with 557,602 followers.

Twitter followers: Paddy Power took the top position, with 644,207 followers. Bet365 came in a distant second, with 378,226 followers. It was followed by Sky Bet, with 351,939 followers; Coral, with 347,824 followers; and William Hill, with 199,050 followers. Paddy Power has the oldest Twitter account (among these five bookmakers), which was created in April 2008.

YouTube followers: Bet Safe, a Nordic brand, led the way on YouTube, with 29,131,133 followers. It was followed by Bet Fair, with 22,192,528 followers; Paddy Power, with 17,918,313 followers; 888sport, with 13,168,591 followers; and Bet Fred, with 10,948,124 followers.

The number of views per YouTube video: Paddy Power was far ahead of both Bet Safe and Bet Fair in the number of views per videos. Paddy Power’s 278 videos attracted 64,000 views per video while Bet Safe’s 1,031 videos and Bet Fair’s 816 videos got only 28,000 and 27,000 views per video respectively.

Most popular YouTube video: Betfair took the top spot for the most popular YouTube video, with its “Liverpool FC — A Free Kick MasterClass,” which has received nearly 5 million views so far. In second place is BetSafe’s “Street F1 with Team Betsafe,” with nearly 3.5 million views so far. The third position is occupied by 888sport’s “888sport Treble: The Odds Promotion,” with just over 2.7 million views so far. The fourth position goes to BetFred for its “Bet £10 to get £30 Free Promotion,” which has received over 2.5 million views so far. In the fifth position is Bet365’s “Bet365 13/14 Sportsbook|U.K. Feature Generic 30,” with over 1.6 million views. Paddy Power didn’t have a video in the Top 5.

Instagram: Paddy Power was No. 1 on Instagram, with nearly 100,000 followers. Betsafe came in a distant second, with 61,000 followers, and Unibet was a distant third, with 23,000 followers.

Overall, Paddy Power was declared the winner in the social media rankings, with Bet365 ( and Bet Fair ( coming in second and third.

About Paddy Power

Paddy Power was founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 1988. The company offers its betting services through licensed betting shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It also operates the largest telephone betting service in Ireland. On the Internet, the company offers services, such as online poker, sports betting, online bingo, online games, and online casino.


Source: European Gaming Media and Events


EGT Interactive – new game release in dice family



EGT Interactive - new game release in dice familyReading Time: 1 minute


Autumn is here again! In all its shine, with all the warmth nuances of the colors and that divine aroma that touch the senses, with that expectation for something new.

This October, following that mood, EGT Interactive is happy to announce that another member in its dice games family is already live – Imperial Dice.

Just like its origin (Imperial Wars) this multiline slot is with conquering taste. But all the symbols are like dices! Their variety in this lavish 5-reel, 20-line game is full and quickly lead to high paying wins. The slot consists of 12 cards – 1 of which is Wild, 1 is Extra Spin and 1 is Scatter. Free spins and a four-level mystery Jackpot are featured too. Available on Desktop.


About EGT Interactive:
EGT Interactive is a Bulgaria-based gaming provider that brings the 15 years of experience of the EGT’s land-based casino slots to the world of online casino games. The company is growing rapidly through constant innovation, consumer-centric approach and top-notch support. Every single aspect of the company’s products is designed in line with the customer needs. The EGT games are based on an attractive Return-to-Player (RTP) strategy, which has proven to increase the player lifetime value.


Source: European Gaming Media

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FeedConstruct revolutionizes live scouting with AJNA



FeedConstruct revolutionizes live scouting with AJNAReading Time: 2 minutes


 The data feed solutions provider of BetConstruct presented a more refined and accurate solution for data scouting.


Contemplating the ways of providing sporting data in a faster and more efficient manner, the company developed a feed solution enhanced with AI/ML called AJNA which was unveiled at Sportel Monaco. Translated as a third eye, it is an augmented live video streaming which recognizes gameflow of the sporting events, providing advanced player tracking in live mode and collecting more technical data to create new unique markets to bet on.

“Machine learning penetrates IT sectors and as a forward-looking company, we seek the ways to infuse our solutions with methods of automated data analysis. The concept of our solution bares its roots for Hindu tradition, the third-eye chakra called AJNA specifically. The on-field observation of a scout provides rather accurate data, whereas the augmented streaming reveals insights to the gameflow that a human eye can’t see. With AJNA, we enrich our sports betting offering with additional augmentation and a more statistical data gathered.” – commented our Founder and CEO Vigen Badalyan.

The solution consists of a single or double camera setup. As they deliver the streaming, AJNA solution does an auto field geometry detection from the video. Within a few minutes, the powerful eye of FeedConstruct identifies field scheme and corners having video frames transformed and sent to the tracking system one by one. Right after, players and ball detection comes into force. AJNA does a custom clusterization on sequences of images for each detected player in order to classify them to a team or referee group. During the match, AJNA recognizes full gameflow including events like ball possession, danger and many more. It also offers an extended personal tracking like player’s speed or distance run per game. Such collected statistics can be converted into a number of exciting markets to bet on.

As for now, FeedConstruct has developed AJNA to provide a full live on-field coverage of football with a further intention to expand the coverage for more sports types.


FeedConstruct is a digital content provider offering real-time data feed solutions perfectly tailored to capture and entertain any audience. Among our solutions is

Friendship platform, an exclusive offer for federations and sports content providers allowing them to deliver streamings from events to 300+ betting operators to purchase. FeedConstruct’s Live Scouts’ reporting combines fast and secure communications to provide accurate and reliable information. Based on our scouts’ reporting, we also provide highly efficient Odds Feed service. For a wide variety of sports data we have Statistics service. To perfectly engage any audience, we provide Live Sports Video Streaming service.

Source: European Gaming Media

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Sportradar releases official response to Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis



Sportradar releases official response to Independent Review of Integrity in TennisReading Time: 3 minutes


Sportradar, the world’s leading provider of data, content and integrity solutions, has published its response to the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis report, released in April this year, which proposed recommendations for addressing the sport’s integrity issues.


Within the response, Sportradar has supported the majority of the Panel’s recommendations but outlined concerns in relation to the recommendation regarding the discontinuance of data sales, stating that this approach would not only fail in practice but would cause further risk to the integrity of the game, with potentially irreversible consequences.

Sportradar Managing Director Group Operations, David Lampitt explained the factors outlined within the company’s response.

“Attempting a total data black-out on a sport has never been done, or even trialed or tested before. Counter evidence and expert analysis indicate that such an approach is likely to have a harmful effect on integrity, which would be hard to reverse if unsuccessful.

“So, the Panel is staking its reputation, and that of the sport, on an uncertain ‘guess’, when there is good evidence that a different approach and an incremental process of implementing enhanced and targeted measures would be more likely to deliver successful outcomes and integrity benefits.

“If the recommendations remain unchanged, they would push the betting market underground where the integrity issues would be out of sight. This may give the veneer of improving the situation but would not deal with the underlying issues. These must not be brushed under the carpet.

“It’s important to point out that the relative risk that the Review attributes to the different levels of tennis is also misleading. In 2017, and consistently over the last four years, ITF tennis has, in fact, had the lowest risk of corruption across all the levels of the professional game, including the Grand Slams.

“Of course, integrity risks exist across all levels. But they are most prevalent at the mid-level of the Men’s game, so the rationale for applying the most draconian measures to the ITF Men’s and Women’scompetitions and recommending relatively modest changes at the other levels doesn’t tally with the evidence.

“Ultimately our interests, like the Panel’s and other stakeholders involved, including the tennis governing bodies as well as the betting companies, are focused on safeguarding a clean sport. We want to be transparent about our submissions as we believe the evidence is important to ensure decisions are not taken that may have unintended and harmful consequences for the sport.”

Sportradar’s recommendations outlined within the response to the Review include:

  1. Implement a proactive tennis-wide approach to restricting data distribution, targeting specific matches with an elevated risk of corrupt activity based on a consistent and analysis-led evaluation. This is something that Sportradar is doing as part of their integrity partnership with the ITF
  2. Create a new body made up of representatives from tennis, betting operators and sports data companies to ensure a more concerted and collective approach to fighting corruption in tennis across related operational areas that should include the application of the above targeted data restrictions
  3. Increase AV streaming coverage, where possible, to help provide reliable evidence
  4. Create new regulations to enable quicker sanctioning based on betting data and expert player analysis
  5. Bring in targeted measures to deal with online abuse of players, especially at lower levels, enabling players to escalate concerns
  6. Use technology to target risks, streamline processes, maximise impact and enhance intelligence-led enforcement action

The Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis was released on 25 April this year after the tennis international governing bodies, the ATP, the WTA, the ITF and the Grand Slam Board appointed an Independent Review Panel to address betting related and other integrity issues facing the sport in early 2016.

Sportradar’s official response to the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis is available in full here.

Source: European Gaming Media

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