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For all the Governments all around the world problem gambling regarding the betting industry have become a priority and the UK is persistently taking measures against it. In view of this, the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) announced on Friday that it will urge operators in the islands to include responsible gambling messages in their television commercials in order to encourage good habits.

The IGRG advanced the measure, as it will include it in a “further enhancement” to the Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising. In compliance with the said modifications, starting July 2018, a responsible gambling message or a reference to the website of the GambleAware charity will be required.

In association, IGRG Chairman John Hagan said: “[The revisited code] will help to improve the overall tone and content of gambling adverts, especially on television, in a way that will help to raise awareness of the need to gamble safely and responsibly.”

Advertising has been a hot topic in the UK as the Advertising Standards Authority announced further restraints on adverts related to free bets or bonus offers, as well as potential targeting of “children and young people”. In addition, the government was recently on the verge of setting new restrictions on ads but only said that “more should be done” by companies to reduce potential harms on people.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events