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The global iGaming market is expected to be worth over €45.5 billion by 2020, a study by online statistics portal Statista reveals.

New technologies are taking the businesses into new horizons, and the gambling industry is no exception. The various new possibilities that online gambling gives the customers (anonymity, betting from their own couch, and so on) have helped the market grow from €16.3 million in 2009 to €36.5 million in 2017. Furthermore, improved features in gaming offerings, such as the introduction of live casino games, have helped increase the number of players, since they’d rather see the dealer “face-to-face” than play through a computer simulation.

Still, mobile devices remain the most robust contributors to the growth of iGaming, as over 60% of the segment goes through those devices. The operators have been exploring various ways for the development of a good mobile user experience to exploit its virtues.

Apart from that, the mobile technology is maximising sports betting performance while live betting has changed the facet of the whole industry.

As long as technology continues to evolve, the gambling industry will keep taking advantage of its possibilities to make the gambling experience more appealing to users worldwide.


Source: European Gaming Media and Events