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How do the same few casino games maintain their appeal?




Online gaming is something that has really taken off in recent years. Playing casino games via the internet is a multi-billion-dollar business now and has spread to places such as the US and Africa. The convenience that online casinos deliver is a major reason for this, as is their 24/7 nature.

In addition, the huge range of secure iGaming sites to play at now has helped the industry thrive. is a superb illustration of such a site and has unrivalled cyber security plus fabulous customer support for players. When you also factor in the cool bonuses it offers, you can see why sites such as this have helped iGaming become popular.

The wide selection of casino games you can play online now is also appealing for players. While there are many different casino classics you could try though, most people stick to the same few games. How have examples such as roulette, poker and blackjack maintained their appeal?

Lots of variation in classic games

A big reason why the same few games maintain their appeal is the variety they offer. Poker, for example, has many different versions you can try out, from Texas Hold ’Em to Omaha. The same is also true for games such as roulette and blackjack. This variety means that they never get old, never get boring, and always have something new to offer players.

Plenty of fun for players

Although the reasons why people play games for fun are rooted deep in our psyche, it is true that the fun they offer is their major appeal. Any game will only stand the test of time if it is enjoyable. The same few casino classics that draw people in offer this in abundance. Whether you opt for poker or blackjack, you will be sure to have a blast. This keeps people coming back for more and means that games such as this are the first port of call for many players.

Gameplay that appeals

The gameplay that enduringly popular casino games bring to the table is also a big factor. Some, such as roulette or slots, are very easy to pick up. Belatra’s recently released Halloween Crystals slot is a good example of this. This is appealing for more casual players who do not want to delve too deep into strategic gameplay.

On the other hand, games such as poker do contain a greater depth of gameplay. These classics are therefore ideal for players who do want to get involved on a deeper level. When combined, this means the select few casino games we return to time and again offer something for everyone.

The usual suspects remain most popular

Playing casino games is something that lots of people do now, and the sheer range of games you can enjoy is a major reason why. While there are lots of games you could try, the fact is that most people still opt for the same few classics. As the above shows, there are actually some very good reasons why this is the case.

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Push Gaming prepares for major growth in wake of MGMRI/LeoVegas acquisition



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ACX, the leading environmental markets exchange, is pleased to announce that it has won the Environmental Finance 2023 Best Voluntary Carbon Market Exchange award for the 3rd year running.

Votes by active market participants determine the winners of the Environmental Finance awards. This third win cements ACX’s position as the top-tier provider of environmental market trading.

We are constantly improving and questioning our systems and strategies. I believe this is central to winning this award for the 3rd year running. We are always adapting, questioning, and learning. This keeps us nimble and humble. It is this mix that enables us to improve and reach new heights. I would like to thank our clients and colleagues who voted for us. You can rest assured that we will continue to push the envelope.” said William Pazos, co-CEO and co-Founder of ACX.

ACX would like to express its gratitude for the support it has received from those voting in the awards, and to Environmental Finance for showcasing the transformative work in the voluntary carbon market sector.

The exchange would also like to take this opportunity to thank Enterprise Singapore – a statutory board under Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry – for their continuous support. Enterprise Singapore has been a valued partner to ACX and played a critical role in supporting the early development of our platform.

The ACX team would also like to offer its thanks to Deutsche Börse AG for their support as shareholders.

AirCarbon Exchange has played a key role by pioneering the Voluntary Carbon Market, with its fully digital carbon trading platform built on blockchain technology – enabling financial impact at greater scale on decarbonisation efforts. Sustainability requires a global effort, and we’re proud to work with such a collaborative industry partner in carbon markets,” notes Peter Reitz, CEO at EEX.

Last but not least, ACX would like to thank its growing team for working tirelessly with integrity, professionalism, and care to provide an ever improving and smoother service.

The award is the culmination of another busy year at ACX, with the exchange continuing to build new partnerships and expand its operations globally.

The ACX team’s relentless pursuit of excellence has led to significant milestones:

  • September 2023: Partnership with Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) in Greece to develop Carbon Market in the region
  • July 2023: Partnership with EcoRegistry, a blockchain-based registry platform, and Cercarbono, a voluntary carbon market standards group, to enhance carbon offsetting accessibility
  • April 2023: Collaboration with Japan’s Natural Capital Credit Consortium to revitalize the carbon credit market, including boosting carbon market activity in Japan
  • March 2023: A groundbreaking partnership with StoneX to launch a US digital carbon marketplace

More announcements will be made soon, with ACX continuing to make strides to grow its partnerships and provide new and better services for its users to facilitate the vital journey towards net zero.

Learn more about this year’s Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings and ACX’s win in this article by Environmental Finance.

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Jonas Warrer appointed acting group CEO of GiG



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Following September’s announcement of Richard Brown stepping down from the role of CEO, the GiG Board of Directors has appointed Jonas Warrer as the acting group CEO effective from today. Jonas Warrer is currently the CEO of GiG’s Media division and will take on dual responsibility until the proposed process of the entities split is complete. Richard Brown will continue to support the business in an advisory board position until 31st December 2023 while the Platform & Sportbook division has secured strong leadership of Richard Carter, appointed as its CEO back in August.

Mr Warrer joined GiG in September 2017 through the acquisition of Rebel Penguin Aps, where he was founder and managing director. He has since worked to build up GiG Media, stepping up as Managing Director for the business unit since October 2019. GiG Media has seen a strong and impressive development under his leadership.

GiG initiated a strategic review earlier this year with the intention to split the Company into two separate companies, GiG Media and Platform & Sportsbook, giving the business units the potential to grow faster than in the current corporate structure.

Petter Nylander, Executive Chairman of GiG says: “We are very pleased to appoint Jonas as acting CEO through the process of splitting GiG into two distinct entities to enhance future expansion and drive shareholder value, in addition to his role as head of GiG Media. He has long experience within GiG and the industry and has been part of GiG’s executive management for 4 years”.

For further information, please contact:
Petter Nylander, Executive Chairman of GiG, [email protected] +46 76 525 09 55

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Aristocrat Technologies

IGSA Creates Cyber Resiliency Committee





The International Gaming Standards Committee (IGSA) announced the creation of a Cyber Resiliency Committee (CRC) supported by Aristocrat Technologies, Light & Wonder and to create standards for cyber risk management, cybersecurity governance and framework control standards for casino operators and their ecosystem.

“It is very inspiring to see IGSA Platinum and Gold members come together rapidly to address the alarming rate of increase of cybersecurity issues in our industry,” stated Earle G. Hall, Chairman of IGSA and CEO of “Our members are clear that cybersecurity has to be a top priority for all gaming suppliers in our industry to protect operators and our industry at large. A sincere thank you to Aristocrat Technologies and Light & Wonder for stepping up to lead this initiative to improve our industry.”

“IGSA is being called to lead a concerted effort to create cyber standards to protect our industry and that is exactly what we will do thanks to the incredible leadership within our Platinum and Gold members,” stated Peter DeRaedt, President of IGSA. “This committee will solicit experts within our membership to create ready-to-use standards to improve cyber resilience. We are grateful that our Chairman, Earle G. Hall, has volunteered to act as interim chair, to lead this committee that we anticipate will offer much needed guidance and support to our industry.”

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