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Engeki Rising X50 is a less volatile game sequence to Raigeki Rising X30 and another great result from the cooperation with pachinko game developer JTG.

On 14 January, Golden Hero released yet another online slot game, Engeki Rising X50. It is another great merge between a Pachislo and a traditional slot game that has become a popular game mix suitable for all players.

Game play and features
Discover all the blasting features in this new game from Golden Hero with brightly-coloured flares and lamps that will turn your reels into a multiplying machine in Engeki Mode. The lamp at the top of the reels indicates the actual number of multipliers awarded in Engeki Mode. The game will go back to the initial base game only when there are no more Engeki symbols showing up on the reels. In Engeki Mode the probability of triggering a symbol win is greatly increased.

Engeki means drama and there is definitely more at stake in Engeki Rising X50 as it can take you to winning x2500 your bet!

What is Pachislo and Pachinko?
Pachislo machines are very popular in Japan and are derived from the old Japanese game Pachinko. In Pachinko players have to guide metal balls through something that looks like a traditional pinball machine. Pachinko are played in parlors and are extremely popular in Japan. As gaming is still illegal players receive metal balls that they can trade for goods and cash.

Pachislo is the younger sibling of Pachinko. They look like regular slot machines but the main features make them very different from a regular slot. They usually come with an animated story that develops and changes based on the outcome of the reels and are played with tokens rather than metal balls.

Golden Hero’s Pachislos
Golden Hero has teamed up with JTG, Japan Technical Games, to develop and introduce Pachislos to the online casino world. They may look like regular slots, but the similarities end with the number of reels. The player experience is far from regular as the games are packed with extra features as well as graphics and animations accompanied by music and audio effects that set them apart and lift the experience.

Thomas Nimstad, CEO of Golden Hero, knows that the team work between Golden Hero and JTG has created a disruption in the marketplace. “Together we have redesigned the market place for Asian players”, he concludes thoughtfully.