We’ve just begun the year, and already we have a new conference ahead of us: Georgia Gaming Congress in Tbilisi.

It will feature a Demo Area, were companies can show off their latest technologies and equipment. And not only them. Investors, experts, future owners and many more professional categories will be there to show you, what it means to run in the industry and how it can apply to this new and constantly changing world.

The Congress will be held on the 1st of March 2017, and it’s the third of it’s kind. For those of you curious about tech, gambling, or simply want to know how these things work; owners of land-based or even online casinos; or maybe even become a speaker at the conference, there is still time to get your tickets booked.

Companies like Casexe and UB|Gaming have already announced their presence at the conference. So far, 14 speakers have confirmed their presence; but there is still room for more!



Don’t forget! Only one month and a half remaining before Georgia Gaming Congress (GGC). So hurry up and reserve your place at the conference, so you too can enter the world of gambling. You can get tickets here: https://g3congress.ge/en/registration



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