Gambling, guns top agenda in Alabama LegislatureReading Time: 1 minute

It’s been a busy week in the Alabama Legislature, as bills addressing school safety, gambling, prisons and more try to move through both government bodies before the session ends.

Rep. Allen Farley, of Jefferson and Shelby counties, introduced a bill last month that would allow juvenile probation officers to share certain information with school personnel to promote school safety and enhance the rehabilitation services provided to the child.

HB452 saw a second reading in the House on Thursday. The proposed bill excludes mental health and medical records as the information that can be shared with school officials, but does provide immunity for sharing and receiving the information with the understanding that the shared records are confidential.

The bill also would amend current law about carrying a firearm on school property.

Under existing law, it is a Class C felony for a person to knowingly with intent to cause bodily harm carry or possess a deadly weapon on the premises of a public school,” the bill states. “This bill would remove the requirement that the possession of the deadly weapon be with the intent to cause bodily harm.

This bill is one of several reactions nationwide to the deadly school shooting at a Florida high school last month.

Farley also is sponsoring HB449, which he introduced Feb. 22. It would authorize the formation of “trained volunteer school emergency security forces” at public K-12 schools across the state.

HB447, sponsored by Rep. Terri Collins of Morgan County, passed out of committee Thursday. The bill would establish the Alabama Task Force on School Safety and Security, which would study educational and safety laws, rules and policies each year.



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