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A recent report submitted to the French Interior Minister has suggested expanding the list of eligible cities able to host casinos. Currently, 38 French departments out of 101 do not have a casino.

According to MP Jean-Luc Warsmann, relaxation will be proposed for tourist municipalities. The report proposes that a municipality labelled as a tourist city and part of a community of more than 100,000 inhabitants should be able to operate a casino.

Casinos fall under the law of June 15, 1907, which initially only allowed seaside resorts or spa towns to host a casino. This legislation was later expanded to climatic stations, then in 1988 to the cities at the head of an agglomeration of more than 500,000 inhabitants with specific criteria. Jean-Luc Warsmann and Didier Herbillion, mayor of Sedan in the Ardennes region of France, have been pushing for the relaxation of this legislation for more than 15 years.