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Fortuna Sittard has announced BetCity as the new main sponsor. A collaboration was announced in February of this year, in which the Dutch provider of sports betting, among other things, was given a place on the sleeve of the uniform.

As of the 2022/2023 season, the partnership will be expanded and BetCity will make a transfer to the front of the kit. Both parties have agreed a three-season partnership. BetCity thus succeeds Hurkmans Groep as main sponsor. Hurkmans Groep will remain closely involved with the club as a Diamond partner.

Melvin Bostelaar, CEO at BetCity, said: “From the first conversation we had with Fortuna Sittard, openness and realism prevailed! We felt very welcome and look forward to the moment when we are on the shirt as the main sponsor and together we will make this partnership a success!”

“We are pleased that we can finally announce this happy news. From the moment we entered the process, we have a very good feeling about BetCity, something that has only grown during the first months of our collaboration. The fact that BetCity signed the main sponsor contract before the denouement of the competition is a testament to their position in this partnership and the confidence they have in the club,” Ivo Pfennings, general manager of Fortuna Sittard, said.

As the main sponsor, BetCity will have prominent visibility in the Fortuna Sittard Stadium. However, the collaboration is broader.

“This agreement will bring added value to all parties involved, both on and off the field. It gives us the opportunity to take the next step in the further professionalization of the club and contributes to the structural growth of our budget. It also gives us the opportunity to improve facilities,” Ivo Pfennings said.

“An important pillar in our policy is to further strengthen the bond with our supporters. BetCity and Fortuna Sittard are working together on this in the form of sympathetic activations for adult supporters. To kick off the collaboration, BetCity will tackle the (yellow-green) appearance of the stadium together with Fortuna Sittard and its supporters. More information about this will follow in the very near future,” Pfennings added.

The merchandise kits for the new season will feature the new BetCity print, with the exception of the children’s sizes. BetCity chooses not to be visible with its expression on Fortuna Sittard youth shirts and to make this position available to the club for a social purpose.